Home office is the best way out? Tips to professionalize remote working

Traditional working models are increasingly being reinvented, whether in the way we carry out our activities, in relationships with colleagues, or even where we work.

With the arrival of high-speed Internet, endless possibilities for communication have arisen and remote work has become part of the lives of thousands of companies, becoming a reality for many workers.

But is everyone ready to face a job at a distance? Not everyone can get used to this idea right away, but with organization, planning, and following some tips we proved that it is possible to be very professional working remotely.

What is remote working

In practice, remote working is nothing more than doing your job from a distance, so it means you can work from anywhere in the world.

In remote work you dictate your rules regarding the distribution of your workload, yet you still have the same responsibilities, demands and goals you would have if you were in the office.

The new working relationships make remote work possible and make some practices like home office and the use of coworking more and more common in the corporate world.

Initially, remote work was more linked to freelance professionals, but it is increasingly common for this practice to be adopted by entrepreneurs and employees from various fields.

Advantages and disadvantages

Remote working has several advantages, both for companies, employees, and even the environment.

Displacement: When working remotely, the professional has the possibility of not having to travel long distances to his workplace and avoid rush hours, especially in large metropolises.

Choice of schedules: For those people who like to work at alternative times remote work can be perfect, after all, you have total flexibility to choose at which time of the day or night you will perform your tasks.

Autonomy: By working remotely you gain a lot of autonomy to make your own decisions, so keep delivering your demands and meeting your goals.

However, remote work also has its disadvantages, especially for those who have not yet adapted to this type of activity.

Proactivity: Working remotely, whether at home or as a coworker, requires a lot of proactivity. You have to be responsible and organize yourself very well to carry out your tasks and meet deadlines.

Social coexistence: One of the disadvantages of working remotely is the lack of coexistence with co-workers, because the professional may end up isolating himself a lot and even damaging his networking. One solution to this issue would be to choose to work in a coworking, where you would be in contact with several professionals.

Essential tools

As said before, the Internet is the main factor that makes remote work possible, since it provides highly efficient communication tools, capable of leaving a team as close as if it lived in the same space.

To make this possible we need to count on some basic items such as a smartphone, a computer, and access to an internet network.

In order to facilitate communication with your superiors and other team members it is important to have an online chat application, preferably those that allow individual or group calls and videoconferences.

Another important tool for any remote professional is to have a good cloud data storage service, so it is easier for them to access their own files, as well as share them with their team.

Maintaining a shared virtual agenda can also facilitate the day-to-day lives of remote professionals and their working relationships in many ways.

There are some remote management programs that specifically serve to help with task management and tracking employee activities. They also enable functions to be delegated and everyone to have an overview of the progress and demands of a project.

Who is remote work for?

To some people remote work may seem like the best thing in the world, while to others it can be a nightmare. Therefore, when facing the need to work remotely you need to be honest with yourself and find out what your professional profile is.

When it comes to a highly focused person, capable of carrying out your tasks autonomously and dealing with various distractions, remote work is easier and doing home office can be a great way out.

However, if you have difficulty organizing yourself, don’t have autonomy and even less know how to deal with distractions of the environment, working at home can be the worst way out for your everyday life.

So when taking responsibility for working remotely create a routine according to the schedules you work best and organize yourself in the best way to meet your demands.

If you’re closer to the second profile than the first, maybe you should choose to work in a coworking, after all you’ll be more focused, have fewer distractions from the environment and still be surrounded by several professionals focused on their work.

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