Brand positioning: how it can help you grow

Brand positioning or branding is how you want to be remembered and recognized by your customers.

Your branding strategy or even rebranding should be the center of attention in your planning for you to sell more and build credibility and confidence in the market.

This strategy allows you to win the admiration of your audience and fix the advantages of your service or product in the customer’s mind.

Brand positioning is simply about the public’s perception of a brand. These strategies are used by leading companies and can help you to have clarity about your business and define how you want to be remembered in the market.

After all, how does brand positioning work?

Brand positioning is a branding strategy that focuses on the perception of its clients about the brand and not its products or services.

To ensure the audience and conquer a unique space in the imagination of your customers, you need to know very well the profile of your target audience.

You need to have a clear image and decide what image you want your company to convey. Create a real union between the values and solutions proposed and the personality of your brand, with the feelings and affective memories of the public.

No matter what kind of business or market your company is inserted, brand positioning is the place your brand occupies in the public mind, a place that will be overlooked also by your competition.
If your brand doesn’t detach itself or presents differences in relation to the others, your clients can end up opting for the concurrent.

How to find the strength and marking points of your business?

Map some points that can help you to understand your public and your brand.

Know for whom the product is intended.
You must know your target audience very well. Create a persona, as if you were an ideal customer. Try to know your gender, age, social class, where you live, consumption habits, pain, and dreams of your audience. Understand what is the public’s greatest desire that you will meet.

The more you know about your public, the more assertive will be your brand positioning.

Understand the problem that your product or service solves. When it comes to making your branding, it is essential to know what are the characteristics that differentiate your product.

It is essential that you understand what your customers’ problems your business can solve.

These advantages and benefits brought by your product or service need to be directly reflected in the positioning of your brand.

What differentiates you from your competition?

Besides knowing everything about your product and its audience, it is essential to always study and understand the context or market niche in which your company is inserted.
It is necessary to understand and know the market behavior, the public, and your competitors.

Start now to plan how you want your brand positioning. With good branding you will satisfy and retain more customers and attract more public to your brand!

How to get new customers in times of crisis

The year 2020 did not begin at all promising for the world economy, and if even in the best moments of the market, building a portfolio of customers is not at all easy, in a moment of crisis, this task becomes even more challenging.

However, the efforts cannot stop and for the entrepreneur to face a crisis can mean finding opportunities. In the face of a pessimistic scenario many things need to be rethought within a company and perhaps this is the moment that innovations will emerge.

To help you rethink how you are acting in the face of a crisis, we have prepared some tips that will help you plan your actions from now on in order to minimize the damage and generate a return for your business.

Detect the problems

The first thing to do is to evaluate what problems hit the sales sector and prevent the customer from buying your product or contracting your services.

Companies often stop doing business because they don’t detect where the communication failure with their end consumer is and this can be a very big mistake.

Do customers reach your brand, but they don’t finish the purchase, or do they even know your work? Find the answers to these questions and start mapping the steps you will need to take to solve these problems.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

The customer’s experience with your brand is an essential factor in ensuring sales, for consumers how your brand interacts with them and how they respond to this contact is critical.

The way people consume today has changed completely, they need to identify with brands and feel that their values are represented by the companies they consume.

Make sure that your brand communication is being carried out in a way that is satisfactory for the consumer, after all, service is one of the most important factors to close a deal.

Offer advantages

For a person to consume in times of crisis they need to find reasons that make that purchase advantageous, so you will need to create strategies that offer your product or service with differentials for your customers.

Try to understand the factors that make it difficult for the customer to choose and solve them in any way you can. Offer advantages such as promotions and discounts to attract them.

By feeling that you are benefiting, the chances of the customer making a purchase are greater, because this strategy triggers a mental trigger that facilitates the moment of decision making.

Invest in Digital Marketing

Asking for investments to be made at a time of crisis may sound crazy, but if there is a strategy in your business that can’t slow down at a time like this, it is Digital Marketing.

At this moment, your brand needs to ensure online presence to be remembered by consumers, actions in social media, content marketing and sponsored links are essential for the dissemination of your business.

If you do not yet know the advantages of Digital Marketing for your business, this may be the best time to focus on this strategy and start creating a digital presence for your brand, so you get closer to potential customers and can significantly improve your sales.

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When is the right time to invest in Digital Marketing?

The Internet is already part of the lives of millions of people and is undoubtedly one of the most influential means of dictating trends and shopping patterns. People increasingly mirror the habits and lifestyle they encounter on social networks, dictating their way of consuming.

With the infinite possibilities within the digital environment, finding customers, strengthening your brand and making yourself present on the networks is practically indispensable for any company, regardless of its field or size.

Digital Marketing is already part of the sales strategies of thousands of businesses and the results are really proven, so it is not a good idea to stay out of this wave.

For you to better understand the importance of Digital Marketing for your business and know the best time to start investing in this powerful tool we have prepared some valuable tips.

The importance of Digital Marketing:

Do Digital Marketing starts by building an image for your brand on the networks and from that captivate and retain your audience.

The relationship with the customer comes from the production of content, either by blog articles, e-books, videos on youtube, among other platforms, from there customers are attracted, becoming leads that will need to be nurtured by other means, including e-mail marketing.

Marketing within digital platforms multiplies quickly through the customers themselves since they are also content producers and have the ability to impact their network through testimonials on their consumption experiences with their products.

A brand with a solid online image that talks to its customers knowing how to use the best language is far ahead of its competitors.

When to invest in Digital Marketing:

Now let’s go to the key question: “When should my company invest in Digital Marketing?

The answer to that question is simple: NOW!

Taking your company to the virtual world is as important as any offline marketing strategy, but with the advantage that you can measure results and calculate exactly how much return this effort will give you.

Some fears and uncertainties can stop you when it comes to making that decision, for example, the fear of spending money for nothing, the fear of not working out, the fear of going to a lot of trouble and getting in the way of your other functions, but they can’t paralyze you.

Often the entrepreneur waits for some external factor to start doing Digital Marketing actions, such as improving your product or service before launching to the networks.

This is a big mistake, mainly because the Internet, besides boosting your sales, will still be an ally when it comes to measuring and receiving feedback on the acceptance of your business.

The financial issue may be another obstacle, but know that you do not need to use all strategies at once or invest more than fits in your budget, the important thing is to be present in the virtual world and strengthen your brand.

So, start planning your company’s Digital Marketing as soon as possible. Choose a strategy, be clear what you want with it and above all know the importance of knowing your customer, this is the best way to identify what will be the right way to approach him virtually.

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Does marketing by Instagram really work?

Instagram was created with the intention of users to post their photos sharing with friends their best moments.

With sharing features like hashtags, the ability to follow your favorite artist and increasingly improved tools like stories, Instagram became an essential part of the life of social network users and did not take long to be indispensable for companies.

Today, Instagram goes beyond the boundaries of a simple content marketing space, it is already a complete platform where you can attract customers, engage your brand and make sales directly through the application.

If you are asking yourself “does this platform really work?” here’s the answer: It works! If you know the right way to use it!

Instagram concentrates a large number of influencers in the most diverse segments, whether in the area of makeup, clothing, travel or even education.

One of the great advantages of the platform is the possibility that, with good content and planning, you also become an influencer in your segment and a reference in your field.

To achieve positive results with Instagram it takes more than posting and waiting for your followers to appear, some steps are essential from the elaboration of the posting to the monitoring of your results.

If you want to make the Instagram really work for your company follow the tips below and understand in practice how doing Instagram marketing really works.

Have a business profile

The first step to make your brand grow in Instagram is to leave the personal profile and migrate to a commercial.

With this type of profile you will have access to several advanced features that will help you get to know your audience better and also pass on a more professional image of your business.

Create a marketing strategy

Before you start posting content on your brand’s Instagram, understand your audience well and think about the best way to offer what they seek.

Based on your knowledge of your audience and being clear what your goals are when communicating with them, you may have a better idea of what you will post.

Publish sales-generating content

When creating content you need to please your audience, but don’t forget to do so in order to relate it to your products or services.

When accessing content that relates to your brand the customer is looking to consume some product in its segment, so this is the best time to present the best way to remedy their pain.

When doing so, be careful not to exceed yourself, avoid being insistent and offer your products in a subtle way.

Make sponsored ads

Doing sponsored ads in Instagram is a great way to focus your financial resources with advertising targeted at a selected audience that seeks exactly what you offer.

You can create unique ads or monitor the hottest posts and boost them through sponsored posts.

Know the power of Stories, Igtv and Lives

Some of the features of Instagram allow you to get even closer to your audience, they are the stories, the Igtv and the lives.

With the stories you can communicate frequently and directly with your followers, and you can still ask polls and questions.

As the stories are only online for 24 hours, you don’t have to worry too much about their aesthetics, as they won’t stay permanently as an image of your company.

Igtv is a tool that allows you to record longer videos, as on youtube you create a channel full of content that can address topics with greater depth.

The lives, on the other hand, are instantaneous and allow active communication with your followers, being able to have feedback of the content in the same instant that it is being published.
Use the power of your network

The content generated by your audience can be reused by your company and generate a positive impact for your brand.

By buying one of your products or using one of your services, customers can mark your profile and help you spread your brand and make it even more real in the eyes of consumers.
Keep an eye on what’s on the web

The online world always has a new thing, be it a new meme, a new challenge… being aware of this kind of content and applying it in your posts brings you closer to the public and makes your image nicer.

Stay tuned for schedules

At some times and days of the week the posts of your Instagram can be more viewed and your chances of sales increase.

There are some pre-established dates and times, however the best way for you to take advantage of this strategy is to realize what are the moments of greatest flow in your network and take advantage of them to launch that post that will delight your audience.

Now that you know the advantages of Instagram and know how it helps your company to grow it’s time to put all this knowledge into practice.

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Why you need to create content for your brand

It’s been a while since content marketing has become a concept and indispensable for companies that want to grow. Offering information to engage your audience and bringing it closer to you is an efficient and innovative marketing solution.

By creating content either through a blog or social networks you will be engaging your audience and increasing your network, this way you will be much closer to potential customers.

You need to be aware that creating content is not enough, more than that you need to present to your audience relevant approaches capable of involving them and generating value to your company.

If you want to know a little more about this marketing strategy and how it can increase your sales and loyalty to your customers, here we give you step by step how to make content creation a reality for your company.

Objectives when creating content for your brand

To create content that is not only relevant but above all efficient, you must keep in mind what your objectives are, what you want to achieve by investing in this strategy.

The pillars of content marketing are:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Sell
  • Charm

The first objective is to get your future customers to you, therefore ATTRACT your audience and engage your audience through a positive perception of your positioning.

The second is based on turning your audience into potential customers, i.e. CONVERTER your efforts in generating leads for your company.

The third is the realization of the process, offering your products or services as the best option to meet the needs of customers and realize the long-awaited SALE.

And finally, one of the essential steps of this process is the ENCHANTMENT, keeping your customer loyal to your company and your ideals.

How to create content for your brand

You can use different formats and platforms when creating content for your brand, whether in the form of text, video or audio, the important thing is to know your audience well and understand what means are most used by them and what language they prefer.

When investing in content creation it is important to know some principles and focus on following them to the letter to achieve satisfactory results.

Creating relevant content

The quality of the content you offer to your followers is of great importance, after all no one continues to follow anyone and even less is charmed by a brand whose content is not well done.

Involve your audience

The involvement of the public with your content is essential for them to see you as something to be achieved, as a reference in your segment, which leads us to the last item.

Generate value for the company

The whole process of creating content for your brand converges to a single point: generate value for your company.

When you can attract your audience and enchant them with your content they’re more open to consume your products or services.

Benefits of creating content for your brand

All this effort to attract and charm your audience has a purpose, and you will be able to reap the fruits of this work after winning your audience.

Get the audience to come to you

When your content has quality, involves the public and generates value for your company your audience comes to you, decreasing your responsibility to run after customers.

Engaging your audience

A satisfied public is a faithful public, when the identification with its content is something natural for their followers they start to disseminate your brand over the Internet, recommending you and valuing your company even more.

Increase your network

With these processes your network will grow and the possibilities of reaching potential customers increase, generating more leads and increasing sales.

So, are you already convinced of the importance of creating content for your brand? If you want to grow and make your company more professional, you can count on Easy Work Space’s services.