Nearwork: the importance of working close to home

Distance from the workplace can have positive effects for both the employee and the employer, impacting each in different ways. 

The requirement for “residents in the area” appears several times in job postings, but with remote work, distance has increasingly become an employee choice.

To better understand the impacts of nearwork and how it can become a reality for many people, follow the text below.

Advantages of nearwork for the employer

Punctuality is one of the most important factors for an employer, which is why the distance an employee travels to get to work is so important when choosing a new employee for a team.

Several factors can interfere with the employee’s commute time to work and, for this reason, most companies give preference to hiring employees who live nearby.

With the possibility of remote work, the employer can count on a larger number of candidates for a job vacancy and does not need to be tied to people who live close to its headquarters.

Advantages of nearwork for the employee

There are many people who are willing to travel long distances to get to work, because the most important thing for them is to work.

However, a long commute time interferes a lot in the employee’s quality of life and in the long run can have negative impacts in the life and professional performance of this person.

Therefore, having the possibility of having a job that can be done remotely can have a very positive impact on the employee’s quality of life and significantly increase his or her professional performance.


In summary, if there is no need for timely intervention, the distance from the workplace matters for the employee due to the extra time it takes to get to the destination and the increased costs due to the longer trip.

For the employer, being able to choose their employees without geographic restrictions and not having to deal with problems of their employees being late or worn out on the commute to work.

In general, it seems that the best choice is to restrict the area in which to consider applications only in cases where immediate action is required and leave in all other cases freedom for the employee to decide whether to make a longer or shorter trip or look for a job closer to home. 

Meeting Room – How to delight your customer in a presentation

Planning a meeting is not easy, especially when the goal is to win a client, isn’t it?

A business meeting needs to show professionalism, competence and that you are aware of every detail, so having a safe and prepared environment is essential.

With Easy Work Space meeting rooms you can hold meetings either with your team, partners or clients counting on an excellent infrastructure.

Check out the advantages of hiring Easy Work Space’s meeting room services and how this decision will make a difference in your presentations.

What is a meeting room

Easy Work Space meeting rooms offer a professional environment with all the infrastructure and technology needed for small and large meetings.

When you hold your meeting in one of our rooms, you will have all of our facilities available to make your experience enjoyable from start to finish, from personal reception, restroom, cafeteria, and technological resources.

Who is the Meeting Room Service for

The meeting room service is designed for companies that need to have a meeting space to hold meetings with 2 to 70 people. 

Ideal for companies that need a professional space to receive clients, partners, and suppliers.

Why Choose the Meeting Room Service

Holding a meeting or presentation is a tense moment for any professional. With Easy Work Space Meeting Room Service, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure and technology issues, and can focus on your content.

Meeting Room Service

From personalized reception to the latest technology to make your presentations, the meeting room service offers all the professional environment your business needs to impress clients and partners.

Advantages of the service

From small to large meetings

Our rooms offer space and convenience for either a small meeting between two people or a large presentation for dozens of spectators.

The best first impression

With a prime location, professional reception and high-level facilities, holding a presentation in our meeting rooms will make the best first impression of your business.

High-tech equipment

All our meeting rooms have quality equipment with high-speed Internet and high-level technological devices.


Successful partnerships born in Coworking

Have you ever imagined working in a place where professionals from different areas meet and the atmosphere of professional growth promotes meetings, healthy competitions and successful partnerships? This place exists, and it is called COWORKING.

Those who provide services to companies remotely or are self-employed need a place with a good infrastructure, peace of mind, and, above all, a place that provides a productive work routine.

Even though there is always the possibility of working from home, productivity can be much lower in this environment, besides making it impossible to meet other professionals face to face.

If you’re looking to boost your career, find a perfect place to work and also meet amazing professionals to increase your network, you need to know coworking.

Check out below how the contacts you make at coworking can be a differential in your career.

Contacts in your field

One of the possibilities of contact within a coworking space is with people in the same field as yours. 

Such contacts are excellent opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate with your projects, and even refer you to other people in your field.

Contacts in other areas

People from other areas are also excellent contacts to make at a coworking space, opening up the possibility for an exchange of experiences.

It is possible that when you meet people from other areas in your work environment you create relationships of trust and start to refer their work to other people, just as they will certainly refer to you.

Possible clients

If you provide a service, such as accounting, it is very possible that when you need an accountant, your coworking colleagues will hire you.

The same happens for other professions such as lawyers, social media, IT professionals, among many others.

Possible collaborators

Just as relationships within coworking can bring you clients, it can also put you in touch with excellent professionals for when you need their work.

Successful Partnerships

The working relationships and trust that occur within a coworking environment can even provide successful partnerships for your projects.

Many times, two professionals from different areas or from the same area, who can complement each other in a project, end up making successful partnerships and being more than friends, more than partners, partners.

Get to know Easy Work Space

If you want to build relationships with professionals from different areas and have at your disposal all the infrastructure of a professional work environment that can boost your career, meet Easy Work Space. Contact us and schedule your visit.


How coworking can help your business

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur in 2021, but need that push to grow? Know that choosing to work in a Coworking can be your best decision and below you find out why!


If you have thought about opening an office to run your company’s activities, for sure you have faced the costs of rent, electricity and internet bills and realized that this plan is unfeasible. 

Know that you don’t have to give up on your business, or work from home, you can take your dreams ahead in another way: by working in a Coworking!

By choosing a shared office, your worries about rent, utility bills, infrastructure problems, and other issues related to your workspace disappear and you can focus on the success of your business.

Possibility of increasing your Networking

Working in a coworking space will allow you to interact with a variety of professionals. This will be very good for your social life, after all, if you currently work from home you might miss meeting other people in your daily routine, but in addition it can mean many opportunities to do business.

In a coworking environment you will find people working in different areas and on different projects, this can be very enriching and help you build working relationships, get future customers, suppliers and maybe even partners for your company.

At coworking you will be surrounded by professionals willing to grow in the world of entrepreneurship, this provides an environment of creativity and interaction that can be very enriching.

Having a business address

If you already have a business running you know the importance of having a business address. 

Working in a coworking space will be one of your advantages, you can count on an address to receive your mail and packages and even with professional receptionists to meet your demands.

Choose a coworking space that is located at a prime address in your city, so you will have facilities around you, and if you need to receive clients and suppliers you will have an easily accessible location for them to access.

Meeting and presentation space

When you need to receive customers and suppliers, besides having an address that is easily accessible, having a dedicated space for your meetings or presentations is of great importance. 

At a coworking center you will have access to rooms specially designed for meetings, from the small ones to spaces destined for presentations that demand greater structure.


When it comes to your company, having security is essential. Relying on quality services that will not let you down is another advantage of working in a coworking space.

Moreover it is important not to need to worry about their material goods, after all the space has camera monitoring and monitoring systems that ensure their safety and the administration of this service is up to the coworking.

Motivating environment

An environment that motivates you and encourages you to leave home to work is very important. At coworking you will be surrounded by people with the same goals as you: leverage your business, and this will facilitate your routine.

In addition, the office structure will encourage you to avoid the villains that slow down your work, and help you avoid them. 

Having a space for coffee breaks, or a suitable place where you can cool off is another advantage of working in a coworking space, after all we know how important it is to maintain a balance in your work day.


As you will not have a fixed time to start and end your working day, your routine becomes more flexible in a coworking space, making it easier to reconcile your commitments inside and outside the workplace. 

With this in mind it is essential that you know how to organize your work week, determine how many hours you intend to work per day, establish your priorities, distribute your tasks during your time and remember that unforeseen events may arise.

Now that you know how working in a coworking space can be your best decision to become an entrepreneur in 2021, how about getting to know Easy Work Space? Schedule your time.


Coworking for all stages of your career

Did you know that Coworking is a place where professionals in all career stages can find their space?

Whether it’s a shared desk or a room exclusively for you and your employees, Easy Work Space offers all the infrastructure for your business.

There are many cases of people who come to a coworking space with an idea in their heads and a lot of willingness to take action, and when they discover the advantages of working in a coworking space, they grow more and more and achieve their goals much sooner than they expected.

Understand how coworking can be the ideal place for you to work regardless of the professional moment you are in.

Why work in a coworking space

The first question to ask is whether choosing to work in coworking is the best option for you. If your work is remote or you have a small team, working from home may not be the best decision.

On the other hand, opening an office can also incur a lot of expenses that may not fit into your budget.

Beyond that, there are advantages of working in a coworking space that cannot be ignored, such as improved productivity, the possibility of networking, and the establishment of a routine that can be very advantageous and profitable for your company.

Private room

The plans with private rooms make available to the clients all the necessary infrastructure for their business, with a place for you and your team to work with comfort and tranquility.

This option is for companies that are already consolidated and have a larger team and the need to enjoy a dedicated space where your employees can work together.

Among the advantages of choosing a private room are the possibility of having a place of your own; complete furniture; rooms for meetings, events, and lectures at your disposal; and significant savings when compared to the expenses of opening your own office.

Shared office

Now, if what you need is an environment with infrastructure, climate, and tranquility to arrive with your laptop and get down to business, a shared office may be the best option for you.

After all, it consists of a very well-planned and elaborated space so that several professionals can work in harmony and with all the comfort they need.

This environment can offer you several advantages that go beyond an affordable price, starting with the possibility of networking with several professionals and creating a network of contacts that will strengthen your networking.

Besides, being immersed in an environment where several professionals work focused on a single goal: to make their companies grow, will help you keep your focus on your work and create a routine to be able to dedicate all the necessary energy to your tasks.

Virtual office

The virtual office is a practical solution for professionals who do not need their own physical structure to run their company.

It can be used by those who work independently, such as accountants, lawyers, designers, advertisers, copywriters, and even by companies with several employees who work remotely.

The advantages of hiring a virtual office service revolve around complying with certain formalities required for a business, bringing comfort to the professional as well as to suppliers and clients.


No matter what stage of your career you are at, being able to enjoy the services of coworking space will certainly make a difference in your business.

Contact Easy Work Space to identify which is the best option for your business and start your journey towards growth right now.

The importance of planning for your business

In the business world it is common to be faced with the eagerness to perform our tasks as soon as possible, so many people believe that planning is a waste of time.

However, the truth is exactly the opposite, by making a planning you are valuing your time, which will not be spent performing tasks in a disorderly way without knowing where you want to go.

There is a Chinese proverb that says: “If you want to cut down a tree in half the time, spend twice as much time grinding the axe”. Next, understand the best way to prepare yourself through planning to ensure that your tasks will be carried out in the best possible way.

What is planning?

Planning is the definition of the steps that must be taken to leave the current moment and reach a goal.

For this, it is necessary to know exactly where you are and to establish an action plan with the necessary adjustments to go where you want.

Why to make a planning

For an efficient management the planning is essential, because from it it is possible to trace goals and objectives that will serve as a base to make decisions that can make the difference for the success of the company.
How to make a planning

To carry out a planning it is necessary to define a starting point and carry out a market analysis, considering the position of your company and your competitors.

From there you must define a mission to achieve your purpose and the steps you must take. It is important to set deadlines to achieve your goals as well as a deadline to analyze the results.

Strategic planning

The strategic planning must be performed by the leaders from the formalization of goals and objectives aiming the growth of the company.

To make a strategic planning it is necessary to consider the external and internal conditions to the company, to define the expected growth as well as the effectiveness and survival.

Tactical planning

Communication is the key word in tactical planning that acts as an intermediary between strategic and operational planning.

In tactical planning the decisions of superiors must be passed on in order to direct planning towards action.
Operational planning

This is the point where things happen, that is, in fact it reaches the productive sector where the workforce is operational.

Everything that was planned at a strategic and tactical level is put into practice, thus making all sectors responsible for the success of the company.


Planning is useless if there is no action, so be careful to put your planning into practice and always have it in mind to make sure that your plans are being followed.

Put in the calendar the dates that each goal should be reached, as well as a final date to make an evaluation of the results and consider a new planning.

If you are looking for ways to make your company grow, consider giving up bureaucratic worries and moving into coworking. In Easy Work Space you will find the best infrastructure solutions for your company.

What it takes to be a successful professional

In the job market many want to be a successful professional, but to achieve this position it is important to pay attention to the characteristics that must be cultivated day after day.

Besides knowing your job well it is important to have good habits and relationships. Next understand what brings you closer to being a successful professional.

Do what you like

When choosing a career it is important to choose something that you will exercise with real passion, this will be a first step to success.

While for some people to spend the day doing math may be something unthinkable, for others to work as an accountant, for example, it causes great satisfaction. Find what causes this feeling in you.

See beyond

The good professional must look beyond his own world, being able to see the possibilities ahead.

When finding an opportunity, the successful professional will not let it slip away, so that this action becomes something good both for his career and for the people around him.

This characteristic is also common among people with leadership skills, after all, a successful professional can in the future be an excellent leader.

Leadership ability

The possibility of leading should be one of the characteristics of a successful professional.

After a certain time of experience the successful professional can be at the head of a team and understand himself as someone with capacity to dialogue, take responsibility and lead.

The good leader is not the one who gives orders, but the one who serves as examples of action, empathy and responsibility to his team.

Having emotional intelligence

For a successful professional to know how to deal with his emotions is essential, even in the face of a great swing of feelings he must know how to keep calm in the work environment.

Who develops the quality of possessing emotional intelligence is able to develop solutions to problems that arise in moments of pressure.

Be polite and gentle

Kindness opens many doors, in the same way that the lack of it is capable of closing.

By being seen as a nice person and always open to do kindness, you begin to win the sympathy of people who have more facility in accepting you also professionally.

A simple good day, a firm handshake or that kindness to hold the elevator door can make people see beyond the good professional, but a person worried about making their surroundings pleasant for everyone.


So, do you gather the essential characteristics to be a successful professional? If so, congratulations, if not, know that it is possible to develop them and become every day a person better prepared for the job market.

In addition to developing your skills, it is important to have a space prepared with infrastructure and everything that is needed for you or your company.

With Easy Work Space you have this and much more, get in touch and schedule a visit.

Understand why Coworking can serve small, medium and large companies.

Do you know who the coworkers are? They are professionals from different areas who work in shared offices. Their work routines are increasingly collaborative, and the trend is for the Coworking office model to become increasingly popular.

This work format works in a simple way: independent professionals, small and medium companies get together in the same environment, forming a democratic space where everyone coexists and carries out their projects.

Coworking is for everyone

Shared workspaces are not only aimed at liberal professionals, startups and small businesses.
Large and medium-sized companies also benefit from the infrastructure and customized services offered by a Coworking.

These work environments are a reality all over the world and are here to stay.
At Coworking, work environments are promising spaces for the self-employed and end up being an environment where a lot of networking with professionals from different areas happens, besides a structure with a lower cost than renting a commercial room.

The space of a coworking is so democratic for entrepreneurship, that it has been an extremely advantageous alternative for large and medium-sized companies that end up attracting more talented professionals in the process in an environment of constant exchange.

The innovation that has been changing the way small and large companies, freelance and autonomous professionals relate among themselves, with their suppliers and customers.

Shared work environment as a trend

This connection between professionals allows more offices in the format to spread around the world.
In order to follow the trends in an innovative work environment and, of course, reduce short term projects, large companies have chosen to transfer some operations to Coworking environments, others take entire headquarters.

This flow of professionals and sense of community can open many frontiers as well as being stimulating spaces for ideas, business and talent circulating in the same place.
When companies use part of their team working and interacting in a Coworking environment, the system used can be fixed or rotating, allowing employees to have experiences with professionals from other companies.

In these spaces the companies can also within their own infrastructure, create an opening to receive employees from different areas, freelancers and other companies.

This organization process is not only advantageous for autonomous professionals and micro and small companies, the Coworking is an economic and innovation solution also, for large companies that approach smaller companies and autonomous professionals in a democratic and sophisticated environment that offers an infinite exchange of information, work and learning.

The big companies have already realized that they cannot close themselves in their large private offices. An example of this is Coca-Cola Atlanta, the unit has provided some employees with the possibility of working in a Coworking, together with local entrepreneurs, thus experiencing an enormous possibility of exchanging experiences.

A company that seeks to stand out by being up-to-date with what is happening in the world and attentive to innovations can certainly achieve a positive perception of its investors and suppliers, and invite them to get to know and participate in this more creative and open space, can strengthen business relationships.

How the virtual office can help your company

Many companies and freelance professionals want to count on the possibility of a nomadic lifestyle, with no fixed address, being able to carry out their activities from anywhere in the world.

This style of work is increasingly widespread and often a single company is composed of professionals spread across several continents.

However, it is common for a company to need certain amenities such as a fiscal address, telephone service and reception for mail and orders.

Therefore, a trend is becoming more and more popular among this type of company: the virtual office.

This service allows a series of facilities for those who need to fulfill certain formalities and at the same time enjoy the facilities of a more flexible life.

If you want to discover the advantages and disadvantages and if this service meets the needs of your company, below we list the main questions about the virtual office.

Who is the virtual office for?

The virtual office is a practical solution for professionals who do not need a physical structure for the operation of the company.

It can be used by professionals who act autonomously as accountants, lawyers, designers, advertisers, writers, even by companies with several employees who work remotely.
Why hire a virtual office service?

The advantages of hiring a virtual office service revolve around complying with certain formalities necessary for a business, bringing comfort both to the professional and to suppliers and clients.

Among the many advantages of this service we can highlight:


The cost of hiring a virtual office service is low, enabling the company to meet essential requirements and have many amenities for an affordable price.

Cost reduction

By having the possibility of hiring a virtual office service, the professional is exempt from the need to rent a place to carry out his activities and from all the other costs that a proper office generates, such as consumption bills, periodic cleaning, etc.

In addition, the professionals who perform the functions related to the virtual office are hired by the company that offers the service, exempting you from expenses with receptionists and telephone attendants.


The first impression is the one you get, so presenting to your clients an option of a formal address and professional service is a differential that adds value to your company.

Privileged address

Typically, companies offering virtual office services are located in prime areas of cities, offering clients a privileged address that also values their business.

Physical space for eventualities

Because they are often linked to coworking spaces, the virtual office allows the professional to enjoy a space to work or to hold meetings and conferences and can pay for these extra services on demand.
Is a virtual office service worth hiring?

Finally, if you are an autonomous professional who works from home or does remote management of a team in a company, it is important to know the virtual office services.

This trend can help you save on your company’s costs, as well as propel you to a more professional level by making your company more formal and offering your clients several amenities.

Get to know the virtual office and other services offered by Easy Work Space, count on our infrastructure to improve your company, and go further in business.

The most common mistakes in the first steps of a company

When starting a business it is common for the entrepreneur to fall into some traps. No matter how prepared you seem, situations often arise that have not been foreseen and that is where many end up getting lost.

To avoid this kind of surprise it is important to know the mistakes that many have already made, after all, learning from the mistakes of others is the best way not to fall into the same mistake.

If you are in the first steps of your company and want to avoid the most common mistakes made right at the beginning of an enterprise, follow this article to the end and be prepared when an unforeseen event comes your way.

Think it will be easy

One of the biggest mistakes of a new entrepreneur is to believe that he or she will be able to build their business with minimal effort.

It is not something done consciously, but it unfolds from speeches we hear over and over again, such as: “you will be your own boss”, “you will own your nose”, among other phrases that make the life of the entrepreneur seem easy.

However, the reality of a person who decides to own his own business is very different, especially at the beginning.

When you work to start a business you have to understand that you will have to invest a lot of time and money and for that, you will have to give up many things at that moment.

Not everyone is prepared to face this reality and be honest with themselves, assessing whether this is really what you want, is the best way not to make this mistake.

Forget the business plan

The first thing to do when starting a company is a business plan, planning of the steps that will need to be completed, and steps that will need to be followed for the success of the company.

However, it is common for many entrepreneurs to do this planning only on the spot and not use it to guide their steps, thus putting everything to lose.

If whole planning was made to make your company succeed, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is there only by protocol, understand how the business plan works, and put it into practice always.

Underestimate the initial investment

A company’s initial investments may be larger than you think. While many businesses can start with little, a whole structure is needed to get the company up and running.

It is common for many people to think that they have enough capital to make the company work and they end up frustrated in the first few months when they are faced with a very different scenario.

A company demands not only an initial investment, but it often takes time to start generating profits.

That’s why your investment needs to be sufficient not only to implement the business but also to keep the company and you for some time.

Mix company accounts with personnel

From the moment the company starts to generate profits, it can celebrate, as it will pay its personal bills.

At this stage, you need to pay attention because if you don’t know how to separate your personal finances from the company’s accounts, you may end up falling into a trap.

To avoid this kind of mistake, which can end up failing your company, establish part of the profits as a salary for you, and use this amount for your personal expenses.
Stop investing in marketing

Putting a company on the market is a challenge, but getting it recognized and admired is undoubtedly the greatest.

Currently, winning customers is a task that goes beyond simple marketing actions. It is necessary to integrate the company’s values with past speech to customers in order to create a strong image.

There are several ways to invest in marketing, one of them is to ensure your online presence through digital marketing.

Even if you don’t have much money to invest in promotion, it is important to reserve at least part of your investment for this fundamental point.
Forget your goals

Over time, when your business begins to move forward, it’s easy to forget what your goals were at the beginning.

So from the very beginning, be very clear in your mind where you want to go and what you want to achieve with your efforts, so it’s easier to dedicate yourself day after day to make your company achieve what you have determined.

To help you in the first steps of your company, a space prepared with all the infrastructure, a business address and the possibility of establishing contacts with several professionals can be great differentials.

That’s why you can count on Easy Work Space, here you can find services to make your company grow with all the comfort and economy that someone who is starting but wants to go very far, deserves.