The power of women entrepreneurship

In the month of women we prepared a panorama of female entrepreneurship, of its strength and, above all, of its importance.

Women’s struggle for gender equality and space in the labor market has already walked a long way, but there are still many stages to be conquered.

The search for rights regarding violence against women also continues, the rates of femicide are increasing all over the world and every day women need to fight to reach a safer place in society.

But what does all this have to do with the scenario of entrepreneurship? It all has to do with entrepreneurship!

Generally speaking, women have higher levels of education than men and work longer hours, in return they receive lower wages, and progress seems to be very small towards equality.

Despite all these difficulties, women are still committed to developing their professions and also to launching themselves into their own business world, strengthening women’s entrepreneurship.

And women have not entered this medium for fun, the growth rates of female entrepreneurship grow every day and already outstrip the growth corresponding to businesses created by men.

The discussion on this subject needs to be encouraged and means of supporting women’s businesses need viability and support. Only then can women strengthen their businesses and encourage other women to follow the same path.

Women in the world of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not limited to the creation of big businesses with exorbitant profits, every entrepreneurial action carried out by women brings it closer to empowerment and financial autonomy.

Female entrepreneurship is a fundamental tool for social transformation towards visibility for gender issues.

Many women find in entrepreneurship the chance to support themselves and be independent, in this way they gain autonomy within their own family and before society.

Women’s challenges

We move every day towards a world with gender equality, but women’s achievements still have a long way to go for even greater growth in female entrepreneurship.

Dealing with prejudices regarding women is one of the main challenges to be faced in this journey. Disengaging the image of the housewife who for many years was understood as a solely maternal being and home is a challenge.

Today, this image is being modified and the woman conquers her space little by little through study, work, performing leadership functions and managing her own business.

Besides the social challenges, we cannot leave behind the question of self-confidence. It is common for many women to have the well-known impostor syndrome, and not see themselves as ready to perform some activities that they are fully capable of.

Trust must be constantly worked out among women individually and collectively, so they must continue investing in education, taking responsibility in business and undertaking.

What lies ahead

Women’s entrepreneurship tends to grow every year, women should increasingly assume leadership positions and invest in their own companies.

However, some steps need to be taken, among them the reduction of prejudice and the weakening of the thought that women belong solely and exclusively to domestic service.

We believe that little by little these beliefs will weaken and women will become stronger as workers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

You, the woman who works, undertakes and believes in a future with more and more opportunities for women, invest in your future and encourage other women to do the same.

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