Advantages of the B2B sales model for your business

In the world of entrepreneurship, knowing some terms is very important to think about the next steps of your company. Many times, the entrepreneur already thinks about strategies, but still doesn’t know how to name them, and this may be happening to you with B2B sales.

To help beginning entrepreneurs to start understanding more about the business world, the “entrepreneur dictionary” series will clarify some essential terms for those who want to be entrepreneurs.

So, to understand what the B2B sales model means and how it can increase your business opportunities, follow the article below.

What is B2B sales

B2B is the abbreviation of the term Business to Business, which in Portuguese means “from company to company,” the term refers to a sales model where a company sells its products or provides services to another company.

Implementing the B2B sales model can be a growth opportunity for your company, however, it is important to be attentive to make this implementation in a correct way and please this demanding public.

The B2B sales model can be executed both physically and virtually, but needs maximum attention to the internal processes of the company to serve with excellence and offer the best to the company that is buying your products or services.

Difference between B2B and B2C

The terms B2B and B2C differ at the end of the sales journey, while in the B2C sales model the end consumer is an individual, in the B2B model the end customer is another company.

Winning business customers may require a little more effort and dedication than winning over an individual, however, deals closed in the B2B system tend to be more profitable and longer-lasting.

In the B2C sales model, the purchasing decision is made by a single individual, while in the B2B sales model the decision is made by several people and sectors of a company.

Advantages of the B2B sales model

When we think of an individual as a final consumer we see a huge number of business possibilities, but we often don’t stop to think about the range of possibilities of current consumers in need of good suppliers or service providers.

The commercial agreements closed in the B2B model tend to be more stable, generating cash predictability, and the possibilities of default are lower.

Important steps to implement the B2B sales model

Assess the buying company

When selling to a business customer, your company must be properly regulated to be accepted by the other company, which, in turn, must also be carefully evaluated by you to ensure business security.

Adapt your marketing strategy

To communicate with a business client you can use similar strategies to those you use with individual clients, but the language must be adapted to this type of business.

Remember that your company’s image must be up to the client’s standards, so your marketing strategies must convey knowledge and security to the buying company.

Use technology to your advantage

To run a business that uses the B2B sales model the use of technology to drive company growth is essential.

Using tools that allow you to optimize data control, project management, and even financial management and receivables is fundamental.


Now that you know how the B2B sales model can boost your business growth, how about considering this possibility further?

Creating and managing a business is not easy, but when you know the possibilities it can be simpler to believe in your abilities and start your own business.


15 growth areas according to Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform that brings together professionals and employers from various fields in a space for exchange, opportunities and trends.

Recently, the site released a list of the 15 most promising professions of the moment.

If you want to be aware of the best opportunities in the market, check out the list below!

E-commerce-related professionals

The online sales market had a 73% growth in the hiring of e-commerce professionals according to the Linkedin social network.

E-commerce is expected to grow even more in 2021 and those who work in this sector will certainly be in evidence for the high hiring demand.

Loan Specialists

The fall in interest rates and the need for loans for various sectors has caused the search for professionals specializing in lending to increase. 

Compared to 2019, there has been a 59% increase in searches for these professionals according to the Linkedin platform.

Health care team

With the worsening of a global health crisis, the search for healthcare professionals goes beyond doctors and nurses, encompassing other specialists as well.

Care teams act as a support by mediating medical care and organizing records. In this sector, the increase in searches was 34%.

Business development and sales

“Reinventing” is the buzzword of the moment, and business development and sales professionals are essential to help companies get through periods of crisis.

This explains the 45% growth in searches for these professionals according to the social network.

Diversity specialists

Political positioning has been a demand imposed by consumers that companies need to adopt every day more. 

Therefore, diversity specialists are being increasingly sought out with the aim of analyzing social contexts and advancing business plurality. 

The increase in the hiring of these professionals reached 90% in the last year.

Digital marketing professionals

There are few companies that risk continuing to operate these days without investing in digital marketing.

Therefore, professionals who work in various ways within this market are increasingly sought after and valued, and the growth in hiring has increased by 33%.


Again, the health crisis has impacted the growth in the search for health care professionals.

Nurses, who are responsible for caring for patients either in hospitals or in other spaces such as schools, companies, and special care centers, have been more in demand.

Education professionals

Although education has turned to distance learning, forcing teachers, technicians, and researchers to adapt to a new reality, the search for these professionals has increased significantly.

The demand for tutors and support professionals has also been growing, and the increase has reached 20%.

Content creators

One of the cornerstones of digital marketing, content creation is also on the rise, and with it the creators that bring consumers and brands closer together.

With the arrival of the pandemic, this interaction needed to be tightened even further, resulting in a 49% increase in demand for content creation professionals.

Career and personal coaches

Many professionals are looking for help to reinvent themselves professionally as well as personally.

As a result, the demand for people to serve as a coach for this new stage has increased by more than 50%.

IT engineers

If work, education and consumption have been able to migrate to digital media to a large extent, this is thanks to the work of skilled IT professionals.

So software developers are being sought out 25% more to optimize business processes, but also to create platforms for entertainment and messaging.

Mental health professionals

With the sudden and abrupt changes experienced in the face of the pandemic, attention must be paid not only to physical health, but also to mental health.

For this reason, the search for professionals such as psychologists, therapists, counselors, and others in this field increased by 24%.

User Experience Experts

To ensure the smooth operation and use of technological tools, usability is essential.

With the increased adoption of programs and applications, user experience professionals have become up to 20% more in demand.

Data science specialists

Data capture, storage, and interpretation is an ever-growing industry.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the search for data scientists increased even more and registered a 46% increase.

Artificial Intelligence Professionals

Finally, artificial intelligence, which was already on the rise, appears as an even greater need and accelerates the search for professionals in the area, reaching a 32% increase

By analyzing this list, it is possible to verify that the future of work is closely linked to technological advances, but some services, mainly health-related, tend to be increasingly personalized and individualized.

These innovations reflect directly on the way we work, and shared offices tend to grow more and more.

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What you can do TODAY to grow professionally

It is common for people to think that professional growth means only getting promoted in a job. It is true that this is one way to grow professionally, but is it the only way?

To grow professionally in a real way, you have to be willing to develop yourself individually, invest in your own training, and put all this learning into practice in your day-to-day work.

By investing in your personal and professional development, you will have many benefits, including new career and business opportunities, as well as the possibility of taking on more prestigious roles.

But what can you do to achieve your dream professional growth? Check out some tips below.

Why grow professionally?

By expanding your skills, you will experience the possibility of standing out more in your workplace, but also have a greater demand from other employers. 

Professional growth leads to increased earning potential and provides you with a career path further away from stagnation. 

Investing in your personal and professional growth shows ambition and awareness. These qualities will help you get what you want, both in life and at work.

Growing professionally: What to do TODAY

The first step to professional growth is to SET A GOAL, after all, you will only know which path to follow if you know where you want to go and have the motivation to follow it.

Regardless of whether your goal is to get a promotion, get a position in a multinational company, or start your own business, there is something you must do if you want to achieve it: TAKE ACTION.

So, check out below some actions you should be ready to take if you want to have professional growth.

Define your goal

In order to achieve better results, you need to establish what your goal is, that is, where you want to get to, then chart your path to them through many short-term goals.

Set a schedule of actions

Life is made up of many things and distractions are everywhere, from your cell phone that invites you to have relaxing moments on social media to tasks that distract you from your focus.

Don’t leave the accomplishment of your main tasks aside, if you are in order to accomplish your projects, it is necessary to prepare a calendar, establish commitments and fulfill them, and do you know what is the best time to do that? TODAY!

Observe your weaknesses

Nobody is perfect, and knowing that you have both qualities and defects is essential, especially if you are willing to develop skills that don’t come naturally to you.

What you need is to learn from your mistakes, because in this way you will find the key to taking the next step towards your goals. So make a list today of what you need to improve.

New skills are always welcome

Even if you already speak three languages, if the opportunity arises to learn one more, accept it! And apply this rule to all the new skills you have the chance to learn.

Your professional growth should be accompanied by constant study and development of new skills, both in the sense of improving what you already know and developing new skills.

And do you know what to do TODAY to improve your skills? Start right now to study what you need to grow and chart your path.

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Starting over: How to make the difficult decision to change career

Making the decision to change jobs is not at all easy, after all, a major change in your professional life can be a very stressful process.

Doubts, fears, insecurity, and at the same time that feeling of anxiety at the thought of finding a career that you love or that will give you the routine you dream of.

It’s definitely not going to be a simple transition, in fact, it’s not easy for anyone, but there are a few ways to make sure you’re on the right track.

Set your goal and don’t deviate from it

Just because you are looking to change careers doesn’t mean you should accept any opportunity; if you do, you may end up not reaching your goal.

If your goals are too far away from the opportunity you find, think twice before accepting it, but if the opportunity can be a stepping stone to achieve what you want, don’t be afraid to start.

Find out the real reason why you want to change career

Do you want to change what you do or how you do it? Here, you have to be very honest with yourself to avoid future frustrations.

Don’t limit yourself to the simple “I want to earn more” or “I’m tired of this routine”, look for the deeper reasons, they are the ones that will give you the strength to take the leap of change.

Do you want more money? Fine, but for what? What would having more money help or enable you to do? It is after finding answers to questions like these that you will have enough motivation to go down the path of career change.

List the actions you will need to take

Changing careers always involves some form of change in your life, so it is important that, among other things, you are clear about everything you will need to change to make your new path possible.

Consider what personal and professional factors you will have to develop or leave behind on the path you will travel in pursuit of your goal.

Be aware of the pros and cons

Think about all the possible negative outcomes, and then commit yourself to also thinking about the best things that might happen. What do you have to lose and what do you have to gain from this change?


One of the few certainties you can have is that change always has a margin of uncertainty. 

If you get caught up in thinking about what might or might not happen you will probably undermine all your possibilities.

And do you know the best way to avoid these dangerous and tiring thoughts? Use the time and effort to make a reasoned and intelligent decision, then you can move with confidence, even with the feeling of insecurity that change always brings.

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Strategies to renew your network in 2021

You know the importance of building a strong Networking to strengthen your professional life and your business, right? But have you ever stopped to think about how to renew and strengthen your network in 2021?

Year after year the business universe changes and believing that your networking will be the same forever can be harmful.

That’s why it is essential to think of ways to create new links and connect with more professionals in your field and related industries.

Here are some ways to renew your Networking in 2021.

Why Networking?

When we think about the advantages of Networking for individuals or companies, we find an effective and low-cost marketing method that results in business contacts and partnerships. 

Networking is a practice that can be a sure path to success. The professional who knows how to use this method in his personal life or for business is the one who learns how to create a network and build solid professional contacts.

How to create a Networking

Establishing connections, whether in person or in the virtual world, can be easy, however the correct practice of networking consists in finding contacts that can favor you personally and professionally.

Networking is not only about finding contacts that can help you, but also about being interesting to your new contact, whether it is a potential supplier, future partner, or employee.

Finding your network

When it comes to networking, quantity is not more important than quality, so keep an eye out for opportunities that come your way that can help you find the contacts you need to grow.

Get involved in events in your field

By getting involved in events in your area such as fairs, lectures, courses, and conferences, the chances of finding partnerships are huge.

This contact can be facilitated within companies, universities, and workplaces where different types of entrepreneurs meet.

Join online groups

Internet connection is on the rise and can make a difference in building your network of contacts. 

Participating in groups, forums, and especially general content to communicate with other professionals on networks like Linkedin can be your biggest advantage.

How to get closer

When faced with a situation that may favor building a network, show interest in other people’s business and also know how to value yourself without seeming arrogant or desperate.

Establishing constructive conversations can be the best way to approach your future contacts and build opportunities for links that will be converted into growth.

Maintaining communication

It’s not enough just to establish a contact, keeping in regular communication is essential for building mutual trust and increases your chances in an eventual proposal for a partnership or appointment for a position or business.

Connect with other areas

Establishing contacts with people in your area is obviously very important, however, you can’t give up meeting people from different areas who, in the future, may be needed for you, or you for them.

Build trust

By cultivating a network of connections the possibility of increasing it is greater as other people come to trust you and your work, so make sure you take care of your professional and personal relationships.

Another important thing to worry about when it comes to networking is to make sure that you are offering your contacts as many benefits as you seek to find in them. So establish an exchange relationship.

Offering relevant and interesting content, as already mentioned, is very important to strengthen your relationships, so share content, publish information, and keep an active conversation with subjects of interest to your network.


Don’t just expect to receive from others, but always have what to offer. This will keep you as an interesting contact to other entrepreneurs and will increase your chances of closing deals, establishing partnerships or finding efficient employees.

By cultivating these small contacts and maintaining attitudes within ethical and professional principles, you will ensure a network of contacts that you can always count on.

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How to accelerate your professional growth in 2021

The year has begun and you want to accelerate your professional growth once and for all?

Then check out some tips that can help you start the year focused on growing faster and with more quality.

Define your goal

There’s no point in rowing a boat if you don’t know where you want to go with it, so defining what your goal is when thinking about “accelerating your growth” is essential.

Look at where you are today and define exactly where you want to go, whether it is to earn more, have stability, get a better job, etc.

Invest in knowledge

To reach a goal faster, investing in knowledge is extremely important, so it is important to verify what your weak point is.

What can help you reach your goal faster? Have more knowledge about marketing? Improve your resourcefulness? Know management techniques?

Investing in training courses can help you get where you want to go faster, after all, this way you save yourself the time of “learning from your mistakes” and get to the point. 

Strengthen your network of contacts

Having a network of connections is essential for those who want to accelerate their career, after all, it opens up a range of possibilities for partnerships and closing deals. 

Networking is not only about finding contacts that can help you, but also about making yourself interesting to your new contact, be it a potential supplier, a future partner, or an employee.

When it comes to networking, quantity is not more important than quality, especially in a period when you are looking for rapid growth – finding the right contacts can make the difference.

Commit to change

Anyone who is looking to make a change in a short period of time needs a lot of commitment to achieve his or her goals.

Organization, time management, and planning must be reviewed to optimize your productivity and achieve the expected results.

Being truly committed to a change may require that all your effort be focused on it, so blocking secondary concerns should be one of your actions.

If you have demands that can be delegated or even cut out of your routine, eliminating them can give you the time you need to focus on what really matters right now.

Having a quiet place that offers all the infrastructure for your work and that can even increase your network of contacts can be a big step for your growth.

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