How to get out of your comfort zone to grow professionally in 2021

Another year is coming to an end and you are looking for ways to get out of your comfort zone and grow professionally?

The fear of taking risks can cause you to get stuck in what you have achieved so far and not be able to take the next step to grow.

Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, but if fear is holding you back, your chances of growth get smaller and smaller.

If you want to start 2021 taking a leap in your career, take note of the following tips. But here’s a spoiler: there is no miracle, you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

Have a motivation

Do you want to make more money? Work fewer hours? Do what you love?

Find a goal, so you have motivation to get out of your comfort zone and a point on the horizon to reach.

Identify your comfort zone

Identifying what you’re comfortable with and what you’ll need to let go of in order to leave it behind and take a step toward growth is key.

What is holding you back?

This is the time to be honest with yourself and answer “what is stopping you from leaving your comfort zone”.

Looking for justifications to stay professionally stagnant is one of the main reasons people don’t grow professionally.

Therefore, identifying your attitudes that need to be changed is your next step towards professional growth.

Look for references

Identify in your daily life professionals who have the qualities you hope to have in your professional change and notice what their attitudes are.

People who have already left their comfort zone are usually competent, daring, creative and enterprising. Surround yourself with good examples to trace your path.

Lose your fear

Finding out what your fears are about stepping out of your comfort zone to grow professionally, and then mapping out a strategy to get rid of them is your next step.

To accomplish this, it is essential that you define what advantages you will gain by facing your fears and how you will benefit in the future.

Change some habits

People who are in a comfort zone often have habits that don’t move them forward.

Understanding what changes you need to make in your routine to grow professionally is one way to get out of your comfort zone towards your new goal.

Be ready to make mistakes

Overcoming a moment of stagnation and moving towards growth can lead you to make some mistakes.

These mistakes can be seen as failures or as lessons, and the only way for you to get through them and come out stronger is to see them as lessons and learn from them.


Deciding, being persistent, and taking action is the path you will need to follow to get out of your comfort zone and grow professionally.

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Você sabe o que é um Nômade Digital e como se tornar um?

A digital nomad is a professional who works online and does not need his presence in an office.
With a good connection, he can do his work from anywhere in the world. It is a great option for those who work with digital marketing, design, photography, content production, writing, and freelance professionals because it is not a conventional work routine.

You can work at your home, at the beach, at a café, as long as you have a good internet connection.

The digital nomadic lifestyle is also a good choice for those who give private lessons or online courses. A musician who teaches guitar playing, a financial management class, language teachers, who can even interact with students from all over the world.

In spite of the works mentioned above, there is no limit to enter this market. The newest video calling and instant messaging services – like Skype and Zoom and WhatsApp – provide a space to serve your customers and manage a job without you having to be physically present at a specific location.

Advantages of being a digital nomad

Freedom in routine and lifestyle

The flexible routine of the digital nomad brings much happiness and quality of life to these workers.
Many professionals in this market only work in areas of their interest.

Digital nomads can do their own programming.  For example, people who prefer to work at night can do their work at the time of their choice as long as they meet their deadlines.

Work from anywhere

Your only limit for choosing where to live is good internet access. Your work can be done in the heat of the coast or in a large urban center. The location of these professionals does not matter, so nomads can live anywhere in the world.

Make money on the internet

With experience, it is possible to have good productivity and earn more and more.
The more qualified your work, the higher your income.

Disadvantages of being a digital nomad

Hard work and unstable life

Particularly at the beginning, you will encounter many difficulties. The nomadic work is not a vacation period or a sabbatical retreat.  To earn some money you will have to work many hours a day.

Most digital nomads do not have a permanent contract. You will always have to win new clients, because the income will never be guaranteed. Every month is a different situation and you will have good and bad periods.

The same goes for accommodation and housing, so it is important to have a reservation.

Social life

If you change constantly and meet new people all the time is very good, but of course, you will also be saying goodbye to people often. Besides often staying away from your family, the digital nomad doesn’t have much time to establish solid relationships and friendships.

Benefits of a permanent contract

The digital nomad works in complete solitude, there is no substitute for example if he is sick to work, or an agreement offered by the company. It’s you for you.

Are you interested in working with more freedom and meeting new people and places? Be a digital nomad.  Start with small experiences, and adapt to the best routine model for you.

How to make virtual meetings more productive?

The technology is more and more modern and the internet is getting faster, which allows virtual meetings to be made through videoconferences with applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout.

We are in a reality of working more and more at home or remotely, and in the rush of the day at work is meeting after meeting.

Even though virtual meetings are becoming more and more common, working at a distance is every day an adaptation.

Here are some tips to make your virtual meetings more productive.

Attention to details

Before you start an online meeting, always check up on your transmission equipment: camera, microphone, lighting. Be clear in the microphone and always be a little more whimsical in your diction and always announce your arrival and be clear when you are leaving.

Schedule the meeting well in advance

With so many people working remotely, the meetings are fundamental organizational items in the company’s operations and meetings of different teams and several projects are happening at the same time.

So, make sure in advance that all the employees you need to be present at the meeting have their agendas available.

Create meeting rules

In meetings at a distance with several participants, it is easy that the meeting ends with lost people, parallel conversations, or even unintentionally interrupting themselves.

To avoid these setbacks, create a list of agendas or topics that follow a logical and clear order, to help the organization, you can also create roles among members.

Straight to the point

Don’t be late and during the virtual meeting always keep an eye on the clock. Think about your arguments before the meeting to get to the point quickly.

Divide your arguments into, presentation of the problem, expose your proposals and alternatives and finally ask for the opinions of other collaborators to help you in your solution. Talk less to tell your ideas.

Have proactivity

During the meeting take the initiative to start talking and break the silence. Without taking the chance of anyone speaking and exposing your ideas, it is possible to take the lead as a kind of mediator or teacher, especially if it is a meeting presented or taught by you.

Call the other employees to speak and ask for opinions, be aware of the signs that the other wants to speak, establishing a fair and relaxed environment, fluid, and without embarrassing silences.

Give everyone a chance to speak

Not always the participants of the online meeting are visible and, many, participate only by audio, so it is normal for these people to be more silent and get lost more during the meeting.

To make sure everyone participates actively in the meeting, create a list of everyone present, be aware if someone has not had their chance to speak and share their points, expose their ideas and suggestions, and make sure that this person receives attention and gets their opportunity to speak as well.

Start the meeting with relaxing and connection

In the physical office, it is very common that people together in the meeting room have a moment of relaxation, and in remote work, it is good to start the activities with a little proximity and joy.

Relaxing in the initial moments of the meeting, besides uniting more employees, also causes much more engagement in the meeting that is about to happen.

Use those initial minutes for light subjects that would physically happen on the way to the meeting or at that time of the coffee.

As we have seen, to hold a productive virtual meeting, some care must be taken.

The most important thing is to hold your meetings in such a way that their content is being used to the maximum to develop the agenda or train the workforce.

These tips can help your team to concentrate more and get the best out of online meetings and especially optimize time in your company.

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How the Corona virus should change the future of work

With the arrival of the Corona Virus pandemic, relations between employers and employees changed overnight.

Changes that were taking place at slow paces have now become a necessity and are beginning to be implemented quickly.

Understanding the individual needs of each team member has become a must for leaders.

Factors such as mental health and well being become more relevant and confidence needs to be strengthened by both parties.

Other issues related to the reduction of bureaucracy and the use of technology have also become essential.

Finally, mobility also tends to be optimized, leading employees to work at a distance as a way to reduce circulation in large centers.

Although it is still a little early to know everything that will happen in the future of work, we can already foresee some factors.

Technology as an ally

The technology within the work environment was already used in several areas.

However, remote work was gradually beginning to be implemented by many companies.

The well-known home office made a few times a week became permanent and everything indicates that after the pandemic it should become more and more frequent.

Reducing distances

Working in shared offices in areas closer to homes is also a measure that should be increasingly adopted.

Working at a distance is one of the trends that several professionals should adhere to after a pandemic.

Opting to work in a shared office can provide the employee to move between their home and their place of work on foot or bicycle.

This can decrease the traffic of people in large urban centers when moving between work and home, avoiding agglomerations.

More united employees

In the face of difficulty, the best way to face it is to join forces and face the challenges as a team.

To overcome a difficult moment like a pandemic, mobilization must be joint.

Establishing measures in partnership with co-workers should be a priority to protect each other.

This rapprochement and the established trust will be carried forward by bringing co-workers together for future moments.

Better prepared leaders

The relationship between leaders and employees should be tested in times of difficulty like a pandemic.

In the face of crisis, the potential for leadership is put to the test and only the best-prepared leaders resist.

Knowing how to manage a team in the face of a crisis is the final proof that a manager knows how to fulfill his duties and take good care of his employees.

New career opportunities

The crisis caused by the Corona Virus pandemic triggers a wave of innovations capable of reorganizing career opportunities.

New positions begin to emerge and those who seek new paths may find unprecedented employment options.

Professionals capable of reinventing themselves and offering companies practical solutions are highlighted in the job market and better opportunities.


Difficult times are always drivers of innovation and with the crisis that is rocking the world today, it is no different.

At first, the difficulties tend to speak louder, but in the future, the relations in the business world will experience new possibilities.

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How to improve the use of social networks for your business

Social networks are platforms for relationships between users that have become part of people’s daily lives and soon proved to be very important as a work tool for companies.

They are essential in the promotion of services and products and also serve to bring the brand closer to its customers through engagement, so if your company is not yet present in social networks you need to consider placing it right now!

Advantages of social media

There are several reasons for your business to be present in social networks, knowing some strategies and ways to use them you will have many advantages in the mission of getting closer to your audience and attract new customers.

Before starting your brand’s virtual presence you need to be aware of some factors, when disclosing content they need to align with your company’s values, this way you will get closer to your audience showing what are the objectives of your organization.

With the internet you considerably increase the communication channels and the interaction with your customers, from this, you will create a link with your audience.

Through the engagement the ideas, products, services, and promotions that you offer start to spread quickly, generating a viral effect, that’s why it’s so important that through its contents you captivate your consumer.

Another important resource that the Internet provides to your business is the ability to measure and analyze the company’s engagement with the networks and thus know what is pleasing or displeasing its customers.

With exorbitant numbers of users, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential fields for the work of advertising and marketing, knowing the best way to master these tools will put you ahead of the competition.

Optimizing the use of social networks

Being present on social networking platforms is not enough, it is necessary that the content of your company is thought in such a way as to attract your customers in the most diverse ways, for this it is necessary knowledge and the use of techniques.

Know your audience

Having made clear who your consumers are and, above all, what their habits are, their way of thinking and their lifestyle is the first step towards getting closer to him, because in this way you can create a voice for your brand that speaks the same language as him.

This voice needs to be carefully planned from what generates likes and shares for your audience, i.e. the way you communicate needs to be familiar to your audience.
Understand each platform

In each of the social networks, there is a profile to be followed and a language more conducive to the consumer approach, so the way you will produce your content may be better suited to one network or the other.

Therefore, understanding the proposal of each of the social networks is essential to discover which one is more and less important for your business and mainly, through which one you will be able to communicate better with your consumer.

Content X Advertising

Remember that just talking about your products or services is not the best way to attract your audience, it is important to understand the pains of your consumers and offer content that helps them heal them.

This way your customer will understand you as a friend and trust your speech, engagement is your main goal when putting your business on social networks, because it is from it that you will gain the affection and respect of your consumer.

If you don’t have a page of your company yet, know that you are wasting time, take the tips you just learned and start planning the best way to talk to your customers, so you increase your chances of closing new business.

Ways to have a online business

Entrepreneurship has always been synonymous with big investments and that is why many people are afraid to start their own business.

However, with the emergence of the infinite possibilities of digital media, today it is possible to start a business with very low investment, but be ready to invest something even more valuable: your time and willingness.

The models of digital enterprises allow you to work autonomously and using the equipment you already have, dispensing with the need for very high initial expenses such as opening a store, for example.

If you identify with this business model and want to create a successful online company, here are some tips that can help you start your digital business from scratch.

Why start an online business

The migration of companies to the digital sector, as well as the emergence of new businesses that already start on this platform, is not only due to the ease of working via the Internet.

It is a fact that the consumer is more and more digitally engaged and consuming the most varied types of products through this platform.

To stand out in the digital environment, taking all necessary care with your service is essential because once the customer has had a bad experience with your business will hardly consume from you again.

If on the other hand, you captivate your audience, besides gaining a loyal clientele, it will be responsible for spreading your brand throughout the network, expanding your business.

How to get the initial idea of an online business

First, you need to decide the niche in which you intend to act, this choice becomes easier when there is something you know in-depth, either by your professional path or by affinity.

Based on this knowledge, make a survey of the possibilities of your choice, for example, if you are passionate about travel, or have worked in this environment, you can open a travel agency, a tour guide service, or even become a creator of travel-related content.

Possibilities in the digital world


Buying and selling sites can be the perfect platform for your business if your product is physical, such as an online pet store.

Within these platforms, you can create your own store without the need to hire professionals to develop an exclusive site for your products, besides having the advantage of being found by consumers looking for your niche.

The only thing that can be a disadvantage in this business model is that you will need to take into account the conditions that sites impose to allow your store to operate on their platforms.

They will probably charge a commission on your sales and may still impose certain forms of payment and shipping of products on your customers.

Online Store

Betting on e-commerce is a way to make a more professional business, having an online space dedicated to your company and your products and, therefore, is the most used by major brands.

Although this platform is used by consolidated companies, nothing prevents it from being chosen by you for a new business, after all, this is an excellent way to start your sales on the Internet.

To start your virtual store, which can be from the most varied segments, it is ideal that you choose a platform, there are some that offer free layouts and e-commerce systems and others with open source for those who can hire a developer.

Affiliate programs

The sales representative profession has also changed significantly with the expansion of digital media, now this work is done online and many people choose to employ their efforts selling products already consolidated in the market via the Internet.

Participating in an affiliate program for free and online is completely possible, thanks to the flexibility that this work provides.

To draw up your sales plan and attract your customers you can follow several paths, from creating a website, using social networks, or making videos for youtube.

The profit made from this activity will depend on the number of sales you make. Stay aware of the value of your commission and prepare yourself by studying a lot about digital marketing to get more and more customers.

Content Production

Every Internet user is in search of content, be it in the form of text, video, audio, photos or games, and all this is done by companies that operate online.

How you create content for the Internet will depend on your skills acquired throughout your career, whether as a writer, designer, programmer or video editor.

If you believe in your potential, and master something, becoming a YouTuber or Instagrammer may be another option within the universe of content creators.

Once you’ve gained an expressive number of followers, you can start monetizing by advertising for brands that relate to your niche.

There are many possibilities to work online, surely one of them will fit your profile as an entrepreneur.

If you have already started your business online and intend to expand your possibilities, consider using the services of a collective space, certainly working in a coworking will help you take off.

What is a STARTUP? Is it worth starting one?

Until a few years ago many people had never heard of Startup in recent times, however, this term has spread at an extremely fast speed and wherever you go you only talk about the famous StartupS.

Can you define exactly what a Startup is? To help you once and for all understand the topic and find out if this business model is for you, let’s explain each of the features of a Startup.

What is a Startup?

The term Startup refers to starting something, that is, getting things to work, but how does that apply to the entrepreneurship market?

This term, linked to the business world, appeared simultaneously to the “dot-com” bubble of companies between 1996 and 2001. This speculative movement increased considerably the actions aimed at information and communication technology companies associated with the Internet universe.

A group of people who work for an innovative cause with high growth potential is the first step for a business to be defined as a Startup, but it is not limited to that.

To gain Startup status the business needs to follow a business model with HIGH POWER OF GROWTH, with capacity to be REPEATIBLE and SCALABLE, besides having as challenge solutions to be developed and all this in a CLEAR OF INCERTLES, let’s explain each one of these terms below.

What is the business model of a Startup?

The business model is the way the company works in search of generating value, transforming work into money from the fulfillment of the following mission: solve the problem, or the pain, of the client.

One of the biggest challenges of a Startup is to create a business model that is innovative, since the focus is not only on the product, but on its value, and from there it is possible to measure how much your company satisfies your customer. People will only be willing to pay for products and services that they trust and believe will solve their problems.

What is the definition of Repeatable and Scalable?

For a company to be considered a Startup it is necessary to be repeatable, that is, to have the capacity to deliver its product unlimitedly, for this the model cannot require that each customer needs adaptations and customizations in order for the service to serve them.

Meeting this requirement depends on whether the product or service is always available regardless of demand or whether the same product can be sold multiple times to different customers.

Another need for a Startup is to be scalable, that is, to have the potential to grow more and more without interfering with your business model. Maintenance costs need to stay the same, or have little variation, while revenues need to grow more and more, generating high results.

Why work in an Uncertainty Scenario?

The uncertainty that revolves around a start-up is the risk you need to take, questions like who is my customer? how much to charge for my service? how to deliver my product? will be frequent, but if you are well prepared and equipped with all the necessary information, growth will be a consequence.

It is important to understand that the risks of the initial phase need to be measured, the little return can last some time, but you must know how to diagnose when the company is not generating the expected result and have the responsibility to close its activities and start from scratch, otherwise you are just being wrong.

Because of these risks, the entrepreneur who proposes to follow the Startup model must be prepared to remain in the period of low financial return of his new business and, above all, be realistic when defining the future of the company.

Are Startups just internet companies?

It is a fact that the Internet is one of the Startups’ major allies, because this business model needs high reach power both to win over its customers and to serve them as quickly as possible, and for this the Internet is a very efficient tool.

However, to say that a Startup is limited to this is wrong, your company can act in several branches and still be within this business model.

Examples of Startups

There are many ways we can segment the types of StartupS, however, the market follows the following model:

Small-Business Startups: They are managed by entrepreneurs with little experience and very limited vision. They control their own business, which is often familiar, and they don’t have much interest in growing. However, in the local market, it generates movement.

Scalable Startups: Refers to a business model has great potential for growth but needs investment to take off. In that case, it is most likely that at that stage the venture will be sold to investors.

Lifestyle Startups: This model is driven by the dream of its creators, it aims to generate income, but without failing to meet the personal tastes of its managers.

Buyable Startups: It is an innovative idea, but one that requires risky investments to be made to realize it and move forward with the business model.

Social Startups: This business model aims to make a difference in the world, helping other people or businesses to generate results that impact society. In this case, it may be a non-profit company, but not exclusively.

Large-company Startups: In the case of companies that are already in the market and need innovation to reinvent themselves, trying to adapt from new models such as StartupS can be a way out.

If we stop to think about it, many companies, which today are large, have emerged as a Startup, that is, in a scenario of uncertainty, with little or no investment and innovative ideas.

In the current market, it is possible to predict an increase in the emergence of new innovative business models, and thus the need for adaptation and increased competitiveness will be decisive factors for the success of an enterprise.