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Office Space
Office Space

Service Description

With our Office Space service, you can enjoy an exclusive room for you and your team with space and comfort needed for day-to-day work, plus the infrastructure, privacy, and silence that your business needs.

The room will always be available and will give you access to conveniences only those who are part of the Easy Work Space community do, such as multiple Network possibilities, access to the other structures of our facilities, as well as access to the events and meetings room.

  • Who Office Space is for?

    Is your company growing and do you need more space and amenities? This is the perfect time to hire an Office Space and enjoy an exclusive room for your team.

  • Why choose office space?

    Exclusive space is essential for some companies that need the freedom to work. With this in mind, our Office Space service offers all the privacy for you and your team.

  • Office Space Solutions:

    We know that managing your own office brings up several concerns, from space rental to maintenance and consumption bills. With the Office Space service you have the advantages of an exclusive room without the hassle of any administrative bureaucracy.

Service Highlights:

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    Complete infrastructure:

    Private office space means having a place of your own, ready to use, saving you time and money in a way you would never experience when opening your own office.

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    Privacy and comfort:

    A private office is the best decision for professionals who prefer to work in a private environment, and for small businesses which need a dedicated space where their employees can work together.

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    Network With Others Startups & Growing Businesses:

    Opting for a private office does not prevent you from networking with other professionals who will be side by side with you in your work dynamic.

Our Private Offices Availability:

Our plans pricing is originally based on one year contract, but theres is availability for month-to-month to a three years contract.

There is no Private Office Available at this moment.