5 ways to prevent the environment from interfering with your productivity

Have you ever stopped to think how the environment in which you work can influence your productivity?

From a simple problem in the physical space to colleagues who don’t collaborate, there are many factors that can leave you distracted from your functions.

Producing with quality in a short period of time is a great challenge, but for those who are able to overcome the setbacks, being productive is a habit.

To understand how to distance yourself from possible distractions and become a more agile professional, follow these five golden tips.

1 – Cleaning and organization

The work space must be clean and organized. Avoid accumulating papers and objects that do not contribute to the work.

The organization is essential for concentration and focus, working at a table with too much information will delay your work.

Pay attention if some factor in the space is hindering your day by day and the adjustment, too distant garbage cans, too low lighting or other factors that makes you uncomfortable.

2 – Control interruptions

Be it a cell phone that rings many times or a colleague that interrupts you more than it should, try to cut that kind of interruption to optimize your time.

Distractions with social networks or message contact with people outside of work should be restricted to moments of pause.

Often, it may seem like a short pause to answer a message or answer a call, but if this habit becomes frequent it can end up taking up a long time of your day.

3 – Cultivate good relationships

The motivation in the work environment is also in the good relations you have with your colleagues.

Nobody can be productive and keep the focus on a space in which the relationships do not flow well, so try to avoid enmities inside the work environment to the maximum.

4 – Technology in your favor

Betting on one or more productivity and organization software can help both you and your team produce more and better.

When everyone is aware of what is pending and deadlines for others, it is easier to set limits to distractions.

Take advantage of these technological resources to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, so you’re better prepared for the demands to come.

5 – Everybody’s collaboration

Productivity can be something individual or collective, but regardless of your functions, counting on everyone’s collaboration can help and a lot.

Setting goals together can encourage all team members to organize and produce more.

After all, when you make good use of the time inside the office, you may have that little time left at the end of the day to relax and forget your worries.

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Work and mental health: is it possible to balance the two?

One of the greatest enhancers of mind-related diseases is the high level of stress at work.

Worldwide, diseases such as depression and anxiety have increased considerably, reaching about 300 million people.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) data, the losses due to lost time and decreased productivity caused by these diseases reach 1 trillion dollars a year.

The commitment of companies to programs that encourage mental health are essential, but what about when you are an autonomous professional? Ensuring your well-being is in your hands.

That’s why it’s as important as knowing how to run your business is knowing how to take care of you. Here are some tips on how to balance work and mental health

What is mental health

Mental health is the state of well-being of the human being, in which he is able to carry out his tasks and recover from the stress caused by everyday life.

Emotionally, the state reflects the balance that makes it possible to deal with internal and external issues of his experience.

Besides the ability to deal with his own emotions and problems at the same time that he deals with the other people around him.

Main causes of stress at work


Working for many hours straight can be an aggravating factor for mental health, since it leads to physical and emotional overload.

Lack of support

Not having the tools and knowledge necessary to perform a task can also be a harmful factor for the mind.

The lack of support makes the work much more complex than it should be, increasing stress levels.

Communication Failures

For the work to flow well the communication is essential, being well aligned with the people who work with you, service providers, suppliers, customers, etc, is fundamental.

Communication failures end up delaying or making processes impossible, which leads to a higher level of stress.

Lack of objective

Working without a goal makes your functions seem useless and endless.

Your values need to be aligned with the purpose of your work, so that your personality is not lost.

Moral or psychological harassment

The psychological effects on a person who is suffering harassment can range from demotivation to loss of the ability to perform their functions.

Therefore, dealing with this type of relationship can bring damage to the work and the worker, damaging the whole company.

How to avoid stress at work

Decrease the stressors

Identifying the factors that cause stress and blocking them is the first measure to be taken.

Make the journey more flexible

Avoiding very long working hours is another way of dealing with high levels of stress.

Develop tools and skills

If the lack of mastery of a skill or lack of tools to perform a certain function is a problem, it is necessary to seek improvements for professional well-being.

Diagnosing problems

An early identified health problem has a greater chance of being successfully treated.

Looking for support

The search for support, both professional and personal, in a moment of emotional fragility is essential.

Besides these measures, some behaviors outside the work environment are important for good mental health.

Try to strengthen your relationships with friends and family, always have as a hobby an activity that gives you pleasure and rest your mind whenever you can.

Some attitudes, habits, and a favorable work environment can help you maintain mental health.

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Learn how to organize your finances on a freelance basis

There are several types of freelancers, from those who take some work just to supplement the income to those who depend totally on this function.

Whether as a complement or as a primary source of income, all money acquired through freelance work must be well managed.

Taking care of personal finances or business is not an easy task, so it is important to understand how to organize them well, so as not to end the month in the red.

To help you deal with your finances as a freelancer we have prepared a guide with the main points that should be taken into consideration for a smooth financial life.

The importance of financial management for freelancers

Working as a freelancer involves a great responsibility to get clients, meet all of them on time and deliver work of excellent quality.

One of the many challenges that freelancers find taking care of personal and legal accounts is one of them.

Even if you have a professional who does your accounting, it is important that you understand the processes involved in managing your money.

The main problem faced by the freelancer in relation to money is instability, because in one month there can be a lot of work, therefore a good income, and the following month this scenario can change.

That is why it is important that the freelancer is always aware of his income, his expenses and his growth.

How to do financial management for freelancers

Although unstable, freelance work needs to be seen as a source of income, so it is important to be valued and taken seriously.

The freelancer needs to have an entrepreneurial vision to keep his work and make it grow

Below are some tips on how to do financial management for freelancers:

Set your goals

Setting goals is of great importance for organizing your tasks, but also for defining how far you want to go.

If you don’t have a final destination it’s common to get lost, but if you define exactly where you want to go the way it gets easier.

Don’t lose sight of your money

It may seem unlikely, but many people don’t know how much they earn and how much they actually spend at the end of a month.

For a freelancer, this situation may be even more common, since this value may fluctuate from one period to another.

This can be a big problem because you will lose track of how much you need to earn to pay for your spending.

To be sure of your earnings you need to average your earnings, so create a cash flow, listing everything in and out of your pocket.

Always think about your growth

Using the money you earn as a freelancer just to pay your bills is a mistake that many people make.

If you want to grow you have to invest in your business and in this case, your business is yourself.

Be sure to set aside a portion of your income to make your business grow by investing in courses, equipment, and other things that can make you a better professional.

Growth and expenses

To manage your money well as a freelancer you need to know that your expenses cannot be based on your last month’s earnings.

Thinking about the fluctuation your income may face, you need to have your feet on the ground and know that your fixed expenses cannot exceed your average earnings in the last few months.

Don’t be afraid to take control of your money and prospect growth for the future.

Always study the best way to gain more clients and do your job in the best possible way.

A great way to be a good professional is to have an excellent infrastructure and a place to focus on your work.

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Remote management: The secrets to having a team united even remotely

To talk about remote work until the beginning of the century was something unimaginable because everyone was stuck to the idea of presence as a mandatory criterion when performing a function within a company.

However, with the digital revolution through which the world has recently passed, distance working has become something viable and spread by several professionals, mostly autonomous.

Gradually, some companies began to join the home office in a few days of the week and even hired professionals to work exclusively remotely.

Whether for convenience or necessity, many companies are facing a new working model, and dealing with this novelty is still a challenge for many managers.

However, remote management is not something from another world and, believe me, with a little planning, the right tools, and a lot of commitment from the team it is possible that everyone is united even at a distance.

Efficient communication

The first thing to be valued when we talk about remote management is the issue of communication between the parties. We need to ensure that the message is conveyed clearly and objectively so that it is received without noise.

In addition to taking every care in the way one communicates, another important factor to be taken into account is the means by which communication between the team will occur.

To ensure that the workflows in the best way it is important to have well structured and reliable software that allows the interaction between all members of a project.

Productivity and autonomy

One of the features required for teams working remotely is productivity and autonomy.

If within a formal work environment there are people who do not perform their functions in the most productive way, remotely this characteristic tends to accentuate.

Therefore, it is extremely important to observe the performance of each team member separately and assess whether they have enough autonomy to ensure productivity in their tasks.

Periodic Feedbacks

When managing from a distance, it is necessary to understand what the team needs and also to leave well established the results that are expected from it.

A good remote manager needs to periodically establish the group and individual feedback to evaluate the work of his team, recognizing merits and clarifying points that need improvement.

Feedback is an essential tool that cannot be lost in a remote working relationship because it ensures that the parties involved know what is expected of them and can improve every day.

The human factor

Even though we are not faced to face with your team, it is fundamental to remember that each member behind the machine is a human being who has qualities, defects, problems, and a history that needs to be taken into consideration.

It sounds silly to talk about it, but when dealing with the digital world every day it is difficult to take into consideration the human factor and the perception that the work is being done by the machine can become a reality.

So, get to know your team beyond the work, set up periodic videoconference meetings that allow everyone to see themselves, and recognize themselves as people who are working separately but united for a purpose.

Don’t forget to make room for dialogue and even relaxation, after all, with the troubled day to day work, everyone will feel more stimulated when creating social bonds.

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Learn to save money and always stay in the blue

There is no right time to start saving, but in times of crisis containing spending more than a goal is a necessity. Learning to take good care of your money and have a more peaceful financial life is very important.

To help you in this difficult mission of understanding your spending, classify the need for each one of them and start putting the economy into practice, we have prepared a step by step that will put your financial situation in blue.

Evaluate your personal expenses

There are some expenses that are essential, others not so essential, and there are still those that are easily dispensable. Knowing how to classify each of your expenses will make it much easier to save.

Start by listing all the expenses you’ve had in the last month and classify them into three categories:

Essential expenses

They are those expenses that cannot be left unpaid, such as housing, transportation, consumption bills, food, etc.

These kinds of expenses cannot be totally cut, however, they can be reviewed and it is possible to find more economical solutions.

Expenses of medium importance

In this category you should include those expenses that are not essential, but are in some way adding to your life, such as education expenses or house or car maintenance services.

This type of expenditure usually has a deadline and can be planned in advance, so before you start an expenditure like this evaluate your real need and whether it will fit into your budget for the period it will last.

Superfluous expenses

The banal expenses are the easiest to cut, but they are also the ones that get out of control the easiest, among them are shopping, restaurants, tours, everything related to leisure.

To reduce these expenses there is no other way if you don’t have control and determination, know how to say no to certain luxuries and give up some facilities.

Cut expenses

After evaluating all the expenses you have had, assess the real need for each one, and which ones can be reduced or even extinguished.

Some everyday expenses are invisible, but they are there, taking your money away, such as credit card annuities, bank fees, extra services on consumer bills, etc.

Make a withdrawal of all these expenses and contact banks, internet operators, among others, to cut these expenses.

Find out how much you earn

When you receive your salary or your company’s profits, you have an X amount in your account, and the worst mistake a person can make is not knowing exactly how much you earn.

It may sound like a joke, but there are actually many people who have never stopped to calculate the net amount they receive, that is, how much money they actually put in each month, and so they have no idea how much they can spend.

Slicing your money

Once you find out the exact or approximate amount you earn, it’s time to define where your money will go, so you better control your expenses and use your money wisely.

Your essential expenses cannot exceed half of what you earn in a month, if they exceed that amount it is time to review your expenses and start to consider whether it is worth moving house, exchanging the car for public transportation, etc.

Of the remaining fifty percent you can devote about half to medium and superfluous expenses, thus leaving a quarter of your money.

This remaining one quarter should be saved for the future, of course this is your decision, but it is highly recommended that a part of your earnings be saved for investments.

Spend with conscience

We spend most of our time working to get money, so being aware of how to spend it is not only responsible, it means being honest with yourself.

Those who take good care of their money can have a quieter life and avoid unpleasant surprises. So plan your spending well, be transparent with your finances and never worry about being in the red again.

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Understand the difference between business spending and investment

In a company, whatever sector it belongs to, finances often need to be reviewed and optimized. Costs, expenses, prices, amounts, expenses and investments must always be reviewed.

To avoid financial errors in planning your business, it is essential to understand each step you take when it comes to money and to know with certainty whether each financial movement is an expense or an investment.

By knowing this difference you will be able to analyze more clearly the results of your business and detail what is actually coming back to you in the form of profit. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to help you differentiate what is spent and what is invested in your company.

Understanding what are SPENDINGS:

The expenses are defined by all the money used for the realization of the company’s final activity, i.e., those aimed at maintenance, expansion, profit incentive, increase of raw material, labor, equipment, among others.

We cannot forget the unforeseen, all money destined to cover a demand that was not being expected can also be understood as expenditure. Unpredictable values, but necessary for business continuity.

The unforeseen expenses can be determined as a loss, since it will not be passed on to the final price of your product or service. On the other hand, it is also a one-off expense, which once paid will not return to your finances.

Among the expenses, we can understand them in two ways, costs and expenses, below we will understand what each one means:


We can understand as costs all the values related to production, i.e. labor, raw material, and all the expenses for the final product to be delivered.

Among them are the bills of consumption, equipment maintenance and the payroll of its employees.

The costs are determinant for the functioning of the business and need to increase whenever the intention is to produce more.

There are direct and indirect expenses, the first is linked to the production of your product or service and the second is the deployment, such as logistics, cleaning, maintenance, ie those sectors that keep production running and carry the work forward.


Expenses related to the expenses necessary to maintain the administrative structure and others not related to the final product.

They can be of a fixed or variable nature, the first group being those that do not change, even in the face of a change in billing, i.e. they do not cease to exist as in the case of rent and consumption accounts.

Variable expenses, on the other hand, are linked to the cost of the product or service, and vary according to sales. In other words, they are those expenses that depending on your demand may be higher or lower such as freight, taxes, etc.

Understanding the origin and purpose of each of your company’s expenses is an essential factor to measure performance and identify possible failures in your system.

Understanding what INVESTMENTS are:

Every expense that aims to increase the revenue of a company can be understood as an investment.

Every investment presupposes an added value, that is, the valorization of your business.

It is extremely important to understand that to make an investment it is necessary to use an initial value, with the objective of making it return in the short, medium or long term.

Each investment must be made after research and study to make sure that it will indeed bring positive results and not losses.

An investment can be made in order to reduce costs, for example, if your monthly expenses with rent, consumption accounts and infrastructure are too high, you can review the need for these expenses and propose changes, such as starting the administrative activities in a coworking instead of maintaining a private office.

From movements like these you review the need for expenses and can turn changes into investments.

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The power of women entrepreneurship

In the month of women we prepared a panorama of female entrepreneurship, of its strength and, above all, of its importance.

Women’s struggle for gender equality and space in the labor market has already walked a long way, but there are still many stages to be conquered.

The search for rights regarding violence against women also continues, the rates of femicide are increasing all over the world and every day women need to fight to reach a safer place in society.

But what does all this have to do with the scenario of entrepreneurship? It all has to do with entrepreneurship!

Generally speaking, women have higher levels of education than men and work longer hours, in return they receive lower wages, and progress seems to be very small towards equality.

Despite all these difficulties, women are still committed to developing their professions and also to launching themselves into their own business world, strengthening women’s entrepreneurship.

And women have not entered this medium for fun, the growth rates of female entrepreneurship grow every day and already outstrip the growth corresponding to businesses created by men.

The discussion on this subject needs to be encouraged and means of supporting women’s businesses need viability and support. Only then can women strengthen their businesses and encourage other women to follow the same path.

Women in the world of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not limited to the creation of big businesses with exorbitant profits, every entrepreneurial action carried out by women brings it closer to empowerment and financial autonomy.

Female entrepreneurship is a fundamental tool for social transformation towards visibility for gender issues.

Many women find in entrepreneurship the chance to support themselves and be independent, in this way they gain autonomy within their own family and before society.

Women’s challenges

We move every day towards a world with gender equality, but women’s achievements still have a long way to go for even greater growth in female entrepreneurship.

Dealing with prejudices regarding women is one of the main challenges to be faced in this journey. Disengaging the image of the housewife who for many years was understood as a solely maternal being and home is a challenge.

Today, this image is being modified and the woman conquers her space little by little through study, work, performing leadership functions and managing her own business.

Besides the social challenges, we cannot leave behind the question of self-confidence. It is common for many women to have the well-known impostor syndrome, and not see themselves as ready to perform some activities that they are fully capable of.

Trust must be constantly worked out among women individually and collectively, so they must continue investing in education, taking responsibility in business and undertaking.

What lies ahead

Women’s entrepreneurship tends to grow every year, women should increasingly assume leadership positions and invest in their own companies.

However, some steps need to be taken, among them the reduction of prejudice and the weakening of the thought that women belong solely and exclusively to domestic service.

We believe that little by little these beliefs will weaken and women will become stronger as workers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

You, the woman who works, undertakes and believes in a future with more and more opportunities for women, invest in your future and encourage other women to do the same.

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Home office is the best way out? Tips to professionalize remote working

Traditional working models are increasingly being reinvented, whether in the way we carry out our activities, in relationships with colleagues, or even where we work.

With the arrival of high-speed Internet, endless possibilities for communication have arisen and remote work has become part of the lives of thousands of companies, becoming a reality for many workers.

But is everyone ready to face a job at a distance? Not everyone can get used to this idea right away, but with organization, planning, and following some tips we proved that it is possible to be very professional working remotely.

What is remote working

In practice, remote working is nothing more than doing your job from a distance, so it means you can work from anywhere in the world.

In remote work you dictate your rules regarding the distribution of your workload, yet you still have the same responsibilities, demands and goals you would have if you were in the office.

The new working relationships make remote work possible and make some practices like home office and the use of coworking more and more common in the corporate world.

Initially, remote work was more linked to freelance professionals, but it is increasingly common for this practice to be adopted by entrepreneurs and employees from various fields.

Advantages and disadvantages

Remote working has several advantages, both for companies, employees, and even the environment.

Displacement: When working remotely, the professional has the possibility of not having to travel long distances to his workplace and avoid rush hours, especially in large metropolises.

Choice of schedules: For those people who like to work at alternative times remote work can be perfect, after all, you have total flexibility to choose at which time of the day or night you will perform your tasks.

Autonomy: By working remotely you gain a lot of autonomy to make your own decisions, so keep delivering your demands and meeting your goals.

However, remote work also has its disadvantages, especially for those who have not yet adapted to this type of activity.

Proactivity: Working remotely, whether at home or as a coworker, requires a lot of proactivity. You have to be responsible and organize yourself very well to carry out your tasks and meet deadlines.

Social coexistence: One of the disadvantages of working remotely is the lack of coexistence with co-workers, because the professional may end up isolating himself a lot and even damaging his networking. One solution to this issue would be to choose to work in a coworking, where you would be in contact with several professionals.

Essential tools

As said before, the Internet is the main factor that makes remote work possible, since it provides highly efficient communication tools, capable of leaving a team as close as if it lived in the same space.

To make this possible we need to count on some basic items such as a smartphone, a computer, and access to an internet network.

In order to facilitate communication with your superiors and other team members it is important to have an online chat application, preferably those that allow individual or group calls and videoconferences.

Another important tool for any remote professional is to have a good cloud data storage service, so it is easier for them to access their own files, as well as share them with their team.

Maintaining a shared virtual agenda can also facilitate the day-to-day lives of remote professionals and their working relationships in many ways.

There are some remote management programs that specifically serve to help with task management and tracking employee activities. They also enable functions to be delegated and everyone to have an overview of the progress and demands of a project.

Who is remote work for?

To some people remote work may seem like the best thing in the world, while to others it can be a nightmare. Therefore, when facing the need to work remotely you need to be honest with yourself and find out what your professional profile is.

When it comes to a highly focused person, capable of carrying out your tasks autonomously and dealing with various distractions, remote work is easier and doing home office can be a great way out.

However, if you have difficulty organizing yourself, don’t have autonomy and even less know how to deal with distractions of the environment, working at home can be the worst way out for your everyday life.

So when taking responsibility for working remotely create a routine according to the schedules you work best and organize yourself in the best way to meet your demands.

If you’re closer to the second profile than the first, maybe you should choose to work in a coworking, after all you’ll be more focused, have fewer distractions from the environment and still be surrounded by several professionals focused on their work.

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How to be creative in business

Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, in the business world being creative is essential, because a good entrepreneur must know the importance of this resource and use it in his day-to-day practices.

There are several ways to be creative in the world of entrepreneurship, from the development of new products and services to the way your company performs daily tasks in order to optimize processes and increase production.

Creativity permeates all layers of entrepreneurship and is essential for the growth and good performance of the company, so let’s raise some indispensable points to stimulate creativity in business and reap the fruits of this practice

Why encourage creativity?

High market competitiveness requires differentiated solutions and new resources to win customers. To achieve this it is necessary to work with creativity and develop means to achieve business opportunities.

Offering good quality products and services is no longer enough to maintain a successful company, today it is necessary to create experiences for customers and strengthen the brand through creative measures.

What is different about Creativity and Innovation?

Creativity and innovation are two factors that are reflected in the results, so they can only be measured from the moment they generate a return in some way.

In a scenario of constant change such as the world in which we live and work, knowing how to differentiate creativity and innovation is of utmost importance for any company.

Creativity is linked to the ability to generate new ideas, which can occur in several ways, and trigger in something solid or in a new thought.

Innovation, in turn, is more linked to process change, that is, it transforms something that already existed into something more efficient, and for this to become real, it is necessary to employ creativity.

How to have creativity in several processes?

After understanding the meaning of innovation in business, we can see that it can be employed in various layers of your business, whether in creating a new product or reviewing a process in any industry.

You can be creative being an accountant, a lawyer, a manager, just review the way you perform your functions and use creativity to propose changes that can be truly innovative.

Is it possible to turn creativity into innovation?

Every innovative process involves creativity, but not every creative thought generates an innovation.

To transform creativity into innovation it is necessary to break the barrier of the obvious and put into practice solutions that go beyond the basics.

When proposing a new business model, a differentiated process or a solution that you consider innovative, you must wait for the results of these changes to see if it really exceeds the previous model.

Are there ways to stimulate creativity?

Creativity can and should be constantly stimulated, for that you need to pay attention to some details of the day to day, realize what makes you more creative and especially, know how to identify the ideas that can be valuable.

Look for references: Creation does not happen from anything, to create something different you need to gather a set of things you have already had contact with and organize them in a new way.

Activate your observer mode: The best way to deliver to your audience something that will truly please them is to observe models that have worked before, by knowing something that your interlocutor identifies with, it is easier to create something else that speaks that same language.

Work in an inspiring space: The place where you perform your tasks can make all the difference in your creative process. When working, you need to have a calm environment both to perform your activities and to make that pause so important to the mind.

Change the focus: Often we get stuck with an idea or proposal and we can’t get rid of it and move on to something new, at that moment it’s important to know how to detach and move in another direction.

Try it: Those who limit themselves to their comfort zone are deprived of knowing new things that can be very useful later on, so avoid pretenses and propose to try different things, even if they are not part of your personal taste.

Take note: Sometimes we have an idea and we don’t know very well in what context to apply it, however, it may be useful in the future and in case you haven’t written down what came to your mind, that idea will be lost. So, when thinking about something you consider creative, even if you don’t find at that moment a way to apply it, take note and wait for the right moment to use it.

Creativity is something that you build and when put into practice it is capable of generating surprising results. To reap the fruits of a successful business, the creativity factor is essential, so don’t leave it aside.

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How to set the sales price of your products or services

One of the great challenges of entrepreneurs is to set the price of their products or services, often just do a headcount and believe that everything is fine.

However, this is a very important part of your business, the price that reaches the final consumer needs to be carefully thought out so as not to be so low as to generate embezzlement in the company’s accounts, nor be so high as to drive customers away.

Many factors need to be taken into accounts, such as the cost of the product, the expenses it generates for the company, the profit you want to obtain and the price charged by competitors in the market.

To help you define fair values for the company and for the final consumer, we prepare a list with the main points to be taken into consideration when pricing your products or services.

Final price

The final price of your product is the one that customers will find on the shelf, or on the website, i.e. the amount that the final consumer will pay.

This can be one of the main factors in the competitiveness with your competitors, that’s why it is so important and can define the destiny of your company.

Remember that this amount needs to be enough to cover the costs of your production, the expenses generated to carry out the sale and ultimately generate a profit margin sufficient for the growth of the company.

We will better understand each of the items that will help you define the final value of your product:


The costs are included all the values involved with the manufacture of the product, i.e. labor, rental of machinery, raw material, etc..


The expenses are calculated by the sum of all the values involved in the sales process of the product, i.e. transportation, salespeople, marketing strategies, among others.


Finally, profit is the company’s return on the entire sales process. This part may vary but must be sufficient to meet the company’s growth expectations.

The profit margin is usually calculated as a percentage on top of the cost values, which can be between 25% and 100% depending on each case.

Finally, the final price of the product will be the sum of these three factors:


Putting it into practice

It is important that you understand this process in practice, for this, we will use the example of a sportswear store and as a final product we will think of a personalized football shirt:

If to produce the t-shirt has spent a total of 30 dollars, considering the labor and the raw material and the total expenses with the sale is 10 dollars, you calculate the profit only on the cost value, in other words, if the profit is 50% it will be 15 dollars.

So, applying the rule we defined above the account would be:

$30 + $10 + $15 = $55.

That is, the price that the consumer will pay for a custom soccer shirt in your company will be 55 dollars.

Define the value of a service

To define the value of service the thought is very similar to the way of choosing a price for a product, however, in the cost value the most important factor to be taken into account is the labor.

Therefore, at this moment the important thing is to calculate the amounts spent to keep this professional, for example, in a company that provides cleaning services in offices, if a two-hour service costs you 30 dollars of labor, plus 15 dollars with expenses and your profit margin is 50% we will have the following result:

$30 + $15 + $15 = $60

Soon the price to be charged, to the final consumer, for an office cleaning service, for two hours, is 60 dollars.

Don’t devalue your business

Once this rule is applied, conduct market research to verify the values practiced by your competitors and consider the need to lower your profit margin, or even increase it.

Be careful not to engage in unfair price competition, many companies work with inferior products or services, and you should not let yourself be threatened by them.

Make sure the quality of your products or services matches the price you are charging for them and practice fair values for the consumer.