How to get the most out of studying in distance learning

Distance learning was already a part of many people’s lives, but with the arrival of the pandemic this modality has become a reality for millions of education professionals and students in all fields all over the world.

It is true that there are many differences between face-to-face and virtual classes, but these differences should not prevent education from continuing to be of quality. 

Both teachers and students must do their part to create a classroom system that is effective and allows excellent learning for students. 

The institutions that have had to adapt to the new virtual modality are working every day to improve the structure and form of teaching, trying to innovate every day and listening to the opinion of students who have already had virtual experiences. 

If this study mode is part of your life, these simple tips can help you make the most of your study time in online classes.

Be committed to learning

Teachers and institutions must understand that we are all going through a difficult time. 

However, it is also necessary for students to do their part to make the situation a little more bearable. 

To deal with the difficulties of this period there is an excellent way out: be committed to learning.

Remember that a virtual class is no less important than a face-to-face class, so make an effort to get the most out of it.

Pay attention to the study location

Everyone, including the teacher, should prepare a study place prepared for the time of the home class. 

Maintaining a comfortable place where you can take your online classes is extremely important. 

It is common that people who study or work at home and have a specific place to perform their tasks have a higher percentage of efficiency and productivity than those who do not have a specific work place. 

Focus on concentration during classes

In a virtual class, it can be very tempting to get distracted by other websites and applications on your computer or cell phone.

By losing focus in class, you will miss a lot of important and necessary material, as well as disrespect the professor’s time. 

For your own sake, and the sake of everyone in class, try your best to stay focused and interactive in class.

Be independent and responsible

Having the responsibility and independence to list topics that you will need to review on your own and do assignments that must be turned in on time is key.

Create a schedule of assignments and times for your courses, this will help you get a more complete picture of everything you need to do. 

Put these tasks in your calendar and set a time for completion. 

The fact that the classes are online doesn’t mean that you can do the assignments to be turned in whenever you want, you always have to respect the deadlines.

Be persistent and don’t give up

There are reports of many students who, after starting the virtual classes, completely lost the will to study. 

It is important to remember that many people in the world with limited resources have simply been left without the opportunity to continue their studies, so value your opportunity.

If you have the opportunity to study virtually, take advantage of it and don’t give up regardless of the adversities that arise in the process. 


Strategies to renew your network in 2021

You know the importance of building a strong Networking to strengthen your professional life and your business, right? But have you ever stopped to think about how to renew and strengthen your network in 2021?

Year after year the business universe changes and believing that your networking will be the same forever can be harmful.

That’s why it is essential to think of ways to create new links and connect with more professionals in your field and related industries.

Here are some ways to renew your Networking in 2021.

Why Networking?

When we think about the advantages of Networking for individuals or companies, we find an effective and low-cost marketing method that results in business contacts and partnerships. 

Networking is a practice that can be a sure path to success. The professional who knows how to use this method in his personal life or for business is the one who learns how to create a network and build solid professional contacts.

How to create a Networking

Establishing connections, whether in person or in the virtual world, can be easy, however the correct practice of networking consists in finding contacts that can favor you personally and professionally.

Networking is not only about finding contacts that can help you, but also about being interesting to your new contact, whether it is a potential supplier, future partner, or employee.

Finding your network

When it comes to networking, quantity is not more important than quality, so keep an eye out for opportunities that come your way that can help you find the contacts you need to grow.

Get involved in events in your field

By getting involved in events in your area such as fairs, lectures, courses, and conferences, the chances of finding partnerships are huge.

This contact can be facilitated within companies, universities, and workplaces where different types of entrepreneurs meet.

Join online groups

Internet connection is on the rise and can make a difference in building your network of contacts. 

Participating in groups, forums, and especially general content to communicate with other professionals on networks like Linkedin can be your biggest advantage.

How to get closer

When faced with a situation that may favor building a network, show interest in other people’s business and also know how to value yourself without seeming arrogant or desperate.

Establishing constructive conversations can be the best way to approach your future contacts and build opportunities for links that will be converted into growth.

Maintaining communication

It’s not enough just to establish a contact, keeping in regular communication is essential for building mutual trust and increases your chances in an eventual proposal for a partnership or appointment for a position or business.

Connect with other areas

Establishing contacts with people in your area is obviously very important, however, you can’t give up meeting people from different areas who, in the future, may be needed for you, or you for them.

Build trust

By cultivating a network of connections the possibility of increasing it is greater as other people come to trust you and your work, so make sure you take care of your professional and personal relationships.

Another important thing to worry about when it comes to networking is to make sure that you are offering your contacts as many benefits as you seek to find in them. So establish an exchange relationship.

Offering relevant and interesting content, as already mentioned, is very important to strengthen your relationships, so share content, publish information, and keep an active conversation with subjects of interest to your network.


Don’t just expect to receive from others, but always have what to offer. This will keep you as an interesting contact to other entrepreneurs and will increase your chances of closing deals, establishing partnerships or finding efficient employees.

By cultivating these small contacts and maintaining attitudes within ethical and professional principles, you will ensure a network of contacts that you can always count on.

Looking to improve your business and increase your networking? Working in a collaborative space can be the key to your success. 

Besides offering several advantages for you and your business, the Easy Work Space can also provide you with an ideal environment for networking and growing your business.




Do you know what resilience is and how it can and does help?

The term resilience is used to define the need to adapt in the face of change. In the working world, having this ability is something of great value and that can boost your career or company.

Challenges arise every day and being prepared to deal with them is a differential that can make the difference; having resilience can be synonymous with success or failure.

To understand more about the importance of resilience in the labor market, follow below some tips and learn how to develop this quality.

Resilience in the job market

Being a resilient person can help you in many situations in life, whether in your relationship with your family, in your marriage, or even in the job market.

Even those who have remained in the same job for many years need to use resilience in times such as a change of management, a period of pressure, and even to deal with conflicts within the team.

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, having the ability to be resilient is even more important, because instability will always be around.

When faced with a difficulty, the resilient professional sees more opportunities than problems and is able to get around situations that for others would be a great challenge.

The importance of resilience at work

Emotional stability makes a professional able to face problems and overcome them. This ability is highly valued by the other co-workers, as well as by the manager.

Recognition is usually present in the lives of resilient professionals, who always find opportunities for growth by demonstrating their capabilities.

Therefore, being a resilient professional can open doors for you both to get a new job and to grow within a company or run your own business well.

Developing resilience

Some people are resilient by nature, while others have more difficulty dealing with adverse situations.

The good thing is that resilience can be worked on, so look at the following tips to develop your ability to be resilient.


Confidence is directly linked with the ability to deal with problems and adversity.

A professional who doesn’t trust himself when he faces a problem usually doesn’t face it because he doesn’t feel able to.

Therefore, having self-confidence is the first step to becoming a resilient professional.

To develop self-confidence you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you know which characteristics to explore and which to work on.


Those who are afraid of change cannot indulge in resilience. That is why it is necessary to always be open to new things and leave old patterns behind.

Believing in the potential of the new and forgetting about pessimism is the first step to being flexible.


No one can be resilient with their arms folded, after all, to deal with a situation of adversity you need to face it.
So, if you want to be a resilient person, be ready to face challenges and face them head-on.
When faced with a problem you should think about the solution and not the problem itself, so you skip the frustration stage and go straight to the resolution.


Those who seek to be resilient in their personal and professional lives must be open to change in their thinking and believe in change.

The resilient professional faces problems head-on, always with self-confidence, flexibility, respect, and proactivity.

Find out if you have financial discipline

Having financial discipline goes far beyond saving your money, being a path that starts with knowing how to cut unnecessary expenses and goes all the way to how you save your money, how you build plans for a time of financial emergency, and, above all, how you make your money work.

Until recently, financial education was not something discussed as much as it is today, but, especially with the Internet within the reach of a large part of the population, access to information is much more democratized and, therefore, knowing how to take care of your money should no longer be a seven-headed monster.

If, on the one hand, having information is easy, on the other hand, applying all these financial goals and strategies in your personal life can be quite a challenge.

To find out if you know how to take care of your money or if you need to try a little harder, answer the following questions and find out if you have financial discipline.

1 – Do you have goals and objectives for your money?

When you think about your money, thinking about short, medium, and long-term goals is fundamental.

In the first moment, it is essential to have your accounts organized, after that, the second step is to think of ways of investing and, finally, you can idealize the so dreamed financial independence.

2 – Do you know what your financial priorities are?

When thinking about how you want to be financially in the short, medium, and long term, you can dream about several things.

Maybe buying a car, taking a trip, or investing in a specialization course, but organizing these wishes and prioritizing your expenses is fundamental.

3 – Can you think of money in the long term?

Many times, giving up a momentary desire thinking about a future gain is the best way to have financial discipline.

Both gains and expenses can be thought of in the long term, so it is important to be able to have this vision.

4 – Do you inform yourself and seek help to organize your finances?

When you still do not dominate a certain subject in relation to your finances, looking for help is essential.

Not letting the lack of knowledge be an obstacle for you to manage your money is also a way to have financial discipline.

5 – Do you control your budget?

Believe it or not, many people do not know the real value of how much they earn monthly and much less how much they spend.

Learning to control the inflow and outflow of money in your personal flow, as if it were a company’s, is essential to organize your spending.

6 – Do you plan your expenses?

It is not enough to know how much you earn, having the planning of how you will spend this money is what makes you, in fact, have financial discipline.

According to your reality, allocating a percentage of your earnings for each purpose is the best way to plan your spending.

7 – Do you consider the financial risks that may occur?

It is extremely important to know what are the risks that can hit you financially: a layoff, a health problem, an unexpected expense with your house or your car.

Recognizing the risks that can lead you into financial problems is fundamental to avoid falling into them.

8 – Do you have an emergency reserve?

Having in mind the financial risks, it is fundamental that among your savings you have an amount available for possible emergencies.

The ideal is that this value is enough to sustain you for at least 6 months, that is, you need to have an amount saved, that can be easily accessed, with a value of at least 6 times your current monthly expenses.

9 – Do you invest your money?

The last step of financial discipline is to overcome the barrier of saving and make your money start working for you through investments.

Whether it is a small or a big risk investment, from the moment you are receiving profits from your savings you can already consider yourself an investor.

If you answered YES to most of the questions, congratulations, you have the financial discipline and know-how to take good care of your money.

If you answered NO to most of the questions, it is time to study a little more and make an effort to take better care of your finances.

The importance of quality free time

Do you plan every minute of your day and don’t take the time to spend with your family, friends, or even to rest?

Know that planning what to do in your free time can make you enjoy it much more and much better.

Having quality free time means feeling that you are actually enjoying the moments outside of work.

Building lasting relationships

Investing in quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones are taking the opportunity to build lasting, deeper relationships from the idea of dedicating exclusive time to these people.

Achieving closeness between you and another person, be it your children, parents, spouse, or friends, requires an investment of time and the fulfillment of certain tasks.

Fulfilling social needs in an enjoyable way can make the bond between you and those you love stronger and longer-lasting.

If you hope to have quality time off, it’s important to follow a few steps to make this philosophy a habit.

Organize your schedule

When your work life is organized, you can ensure that you will have free time to enjoy yourself with your family, friends, or yourself.

So make a plan for your week and avoid working too many extra hours.
Make plans with other people

If you want to spend quality time with your children, friends, or someone else, having a plan together can be of great help.

Agreeing on a movie you should watch together, arranging to go to a concert or sporting event, or even going shopping together can be a way to make a commitment to that person.

Do common activities

If you have a commitment such as a weekly dance class with someone you want to spend more time with, the bond between you will be stronger.
Help out with other people’s tasks

When you commit to helping with your children’s homework, teaching a friend something, or something else, you create a bond with these people.
The benefits of quality time off

The rewards of having quality free time can be reaped in your private life as well as in your professional life.

Enjoying time with the people you love and not giving up the chance to follow the growth of your children, the achievements of your friends, and important moments in your life should be part of your priorities.

Take this practice into your life and always have free quality time with the ones you love.

Is it possible to conciliate work and study?

Balancing work and study is part of many people’s routine, however, it is far from an easy task, and balancing this double journey can become a real challenge.

Whether it is a course that lasts a few months, an undergraduate or graduate course, or even preparing for a public exam, the student’s routine demands a lot of dedication and, above all, time, which is not usually in abundance in the lives of those who work.

To be able to balance study and work, you need a lot of organization and discipline. Thinking of helping you in this mission, we have prepared some tips that can be very useful.

The importance of planning

To be able to cope with a double shift, it is important to plan your time well and set deadlines for all your tasks.

To do this, make a weekly plan, but don’t forget to think about your monthly and daily obligations.

Write down all your obligations and set a day and time to accomplish them, leave these notes in a place where you can see them often, and sort the tasks according to priority.

Organization and focus

Determine periods in your day to be exclusively focused on one activity or another. For example, if you work in the morning and study in the evening, don’t use one period to do the other.

During the time you set aside to perform your duties, avoid as much as possible productivity villains such as distractions with social networks, side conversations, and unnecessary breaks.

Take care of your physical and mental health

Balancing work and mental health is already important, but when you lead a double life between your job and your studies this should be an even greater concern.

Overload is one of the main reasons for stress, and in order to withstand the pressure, it is important to be aware of the signs of wear and tear and avoid situations that can worsen stress.

Try to maintain good eating habits, sleep well, and avoid excesses such as caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.

In addition, doing physical activities and taking care of your posture during study and work hours is fundamental.

Value your free time

For a person who sets out to study and work at the same time, having free moments is something rare, so they should be used in the best possible way.

Just as you plan your work and study tasks, plan your free time to enjoy it with quality, so that you don’t feel stuck solely in the universe of work and study.

Don’t give up one for the other

Although it is difficult to study and work at the same time, you shouldn’t let one get in the way of the other. In other words: both work and study are important to you, so find the best way to accomplish both.

The road to achieving your dreams may be long and difficult, but it will certainly be worth it.

To help you balance work and study, you can count on Easy Work Space, a space with all the necessary infrastructure for you to perform your tasks either alone or with your team.

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Attitudes to improve the day to day at work

We spend a large part of our day dedicated to work, either directly in the company or remotely, so, regardless of your function, making these moments pleasant can make your life easier and happier.

Some simple attitudes can help you to improve your day to day life, here are some of them that you can put into practice right now.

Do one thing at a time

When you want to multitask you may be making a big mistake. Focusing on what you are doing is more effective than trying to accomplish several things at once.

Besides facilitating distractions, doing more than one task at the same time also makes it possible to make mistakes that harm the result of your work.

Organize your duties

One of the best ways to make your day better is not to have unpleasant surprises such as forgetting to perform a task or spending more hours than you expected working.

To prevent such situations from happening, organizing your work week is a great solution.

If you know what steps you need to take and how much time you have available for them, your mind is calmer and more focused on what is important at each moment.

Taking the time to do this planning will be a great choice and will avoid the stress caused by unpredictability and lack of time.

Solve pending issues

When we have something laborious or unpleasant to do, we tend to do everything we can to put it off, but this is a very bad choice.

The more difficult or laborious duties should be solved first, otherwise they will become one more worry.
Build good relationships at work

When there are no intrigues and competitions within a team, the work environment tends to be more peaceful and productive.

Building good relationships with those who work with you is important to improve your day to day life and also for your career, after all, keeping contacts who respect you as a professional and believe in your work can open doors.

Everyone likes to connect with polite and friendly people, and meeting people like this at work makes anyone’s day better. Be that person.


When you think of a workday, you can’t consider every minute as productive, after all, taking a break is essential for your body and mind to be better prepared to perform your tasks.

Establishing some breaks during your work will help you to be more productive in your available time, so between one task and another stop for a coffee or a walk.

Focus on what’s important

Wasting time on infrastructure problems and bureaucracy can be detrimental to your work, so choose a place that offers everything your work or your company needs.

If you are looking for an ideal space that offers you all the necessary infrastructure, count on Easy Work Space; we certainly have a plan that fits your needs.

Innovation and productivity: a foolproof duo

Betting on a philosophy of innovation for your company can bring many benefits, including increased productivity.

Innovative thinking is a management strategy generally adopted by new entrepreneurs, but it is teaching even the most traditional companies a lot.

The incentive to the new and the motivation of the teams to be more daring, are characteristics of the innovative management model, which depends a lot on creativity.

Among the characteristics of the innovation model is the ability of the team to act with innovative thinking and take this goal forward to help productivity.

To better understand how the model that is revolutionizing companies works and creating a new concept of productivity, follow some of the characteristics of this movement.

What is innovation

Innovation consists in a new way of accomplishing something that was previously accomplished in a less objective or effective way.

In this way, innovation does not consist in just creating a new process, but in ensuring that by replacing one model with another, the benefits will be instantaneous.

What is productivity

Productivity consists in ensuring that the processes carried out in a company are carried out in the shortest time and in the most effective way possible. That’s why this factor is so linked to innovation.

How to create an innovative environment

Creativity has an important role in the innovation process, after all it is from the proposal of a new model, which should work better than the previous one, that innovation is born and this is only possible with creativity.

Proposing a change that can, in fact, be beneficial to productive processes requires a creative effort from the entire team, which should be encouraged by the leader through an administrative profile that favors the stimulus to creativity.

The incentive to creativity in a team is essential for constant innovation, a practice that becomes possible from the deconstruction of traditional processes and the opening of new possibilities.

The solutions found in collaboration are enriched by different points of view, facilitating the creation of an innovative process.

Innovation as a productivity facilitator

The more innovative a company can be, the greater is its potential for productivity, by offering more effective means of carrying out procedures.

Facilitating bureaucratic processes, opening space for communication and proposing to break barriers are the main innovative actions that must be established in order to increase productivity.


Using proven methods will help your company go far. Simple decisions such as encouraging leaders and staff to think innovatively can bring short and long term benefits.

Traditional management models are lagging behind, and thinking such as associating innovation with productivity is opening doors for companies in many sectors.

If you’re looking for ways to innovate and increase your company’s productivity, how about betting on a coworking? With solutions for small, medium and large companies, Easy Workspace can offer all the infrastructure and many advantages for you and your team.

Career and children: how to have time for both?

When the family grows and the career demands more commitment each day, is it possible to have time to devote to both?

No mother and no father wants to give up spending time with their children, but we know well that it is at this time that the pocket is the most tight and career-oriented.

It seems an impossible mission, but we will demonstrate that with discipline, planning and a lot of energy it is possible to dedicate yourself to your children and your career at the same time.

Planning in the first place

To cope with a life divided between children and career you have to plan very well. Every minute of the day is important, so weekly planning can be very helpful.

Define the schedules from the moment you wake up until bedtime, in this way you avoid unforeseen events and can schedule yourself for your tasks either at home or at work.

Counting on resources such as an online scheduler or task manager can help you to organize yourself better.

Separate the environments

Working at home may seem like a way out to spend more time with your family, but that’s an illusion.

Staying in the same environment all day can make it harder for you and your family to work.

If you don’t work in your own company or office, choose to look for an option as a coworking, where you can be compenetrated in your work time to optimize your time.

In addition to optimizing your time, you can also see the advantages of coworking for your career, which can help you grow and have more free time for the family.

Quality time

Making a time plan may end up being useless if, while being with your family, you are head over heels in the world of the moon, or worn out.

Quality time means that you should not only be present physically, but enjoy the moments together to do activities and enjoy as a family.

Whether it’s doing a homework with your child, or taking him to the park, in the moments you are together he needs to realize that his mother or father is dedicated to him, and no matter how many hours he spends at work, when you are together the moments are special.

Attention to physical and mental health

With a pulled routine, body and mind care must be doubled. Attention to feeding and sleeping schedules, and care not to exaggerate on caffeine, alcohol or tobacco.

With regard to work and mental health, be aware of your stress level and try to maintain a quiet life in the office.

In addition, identifying the factors that increase your anxiety and trying to control them is the best way to keep your mind in balance.


Being with your family is the best thing in the world, even more so when there are no worries at work preventing you from enjoying those moments.

Try to have quality of life at work and in your home, so you will live more and better and your children will always understand that no matter how little time you spend together, every minute is used to the maximum.

To organize your career and have a space with all the necessary infrastructure to work, count on Easy Workspace. We offer the best solutions for your business to go further and you have time and willingness to enjoy your personal life.

Lose the fear of entrepreneurship with these 5 tips

Everyone feels fear at the time of making your first venture, and fear is part of leaving for an idea of yours, entering a new and unknown world, so we have organized 5 practices for you to better deal with this feeling that will leave you more focused and stimulated.

1. Planning

No matter the market or branch is chosen, those who intend to invest and want to undertake need to do a lot of planning.

Invest in knowledge and participate in courses, events, lectures about your market, and entrepreneurship.

Part of this planning is the size of your willpower and your effectiveness in efforts. Study your field of action a lot, read books, websites, and specific magazines, study the existing market, and its possible competitors.

Talk to professionals and entrepreneurs who work in your field, these conversations are usually more open and provide information that is not in courses and books.

Having focus and objectives increase the chance of your venture going well.

2. Understand the impacts and risks

It is essential to understand how the risks of starting an enterprise will affect your life and will never allow you to stop studying at any stage of your life.

Always be up-to-date, an assessment is important to identify what the biggest risks will be, what can get out of control, analyze every impact you may have on the journey, and prioritize threats.

Risks can be very high in the entrepreneur’s world, but the more you risk, the greater the possibility of growth.

3. Self-confidence

To kick-off, you need to be on your head and chest and look at the ball to hit the target you want. You can’t make sales and win customers without confidence in your work.

Your self-confidence will be directly related to the confidence and credibility of your enterprise. The study, experience, and believing in you are part of the growth of your self-confidence and the fulfillment of your fears.

4. Seek honest validation from those you trust

At the beginning of an enterprise, a common mistake is to feel insecure, seek approval, opinions, and validation of all possible means.

The most appropriate way to master your fears and overcome your internal debates is by sharing your ideas with people in whom you have confidence and who are sincere enough to criticize you honestly and not just see the positive points of your project.

5. Do what you like

Having an affinity with what you are doing will lessen your fears.

It is important to know what is the best deal for you before even researching the market, choose an investment in a job that is related to your personal tastes as well as your professional talents.
Liking what you do certainly increases your focus and chance for effectiveness in your professional actions.

People always have good ideas, but few of them put them into practice, and you have an idea and see the opportunity, being afraid at the time of making your first venture is normal and is part of the process, but you should not give up.

Identify the factors that prevent you from dodging the fear of undertaking and starting your own business. The realization of the dream of having your own business is the ability to make big steps and changes, and this is much bigger than any fear. Remember, instead of being afraid to undertake, accept your obstacles, and embrace your professional learning in the beginning of the enterprise!

If you are looking for the perfect place to start your entrepreneurial project and make your business grow, Easy Work Space is the solution. We offer the best infrastructure, differentiated environments, and many advantages that only those who are part of our community can enjoy.