Understand why Coworking can serve small, medium and large companies.

Do you know who the coworkers are? They are professionals from different areas who work in shared offices. Their work routines are increasingly collaborative, and the trend is for the Coworking office model to become increasingly popular.

This work format works in a simple way: independent professionals, small and medium companies get together in the same environment, forming a democratic space where everyone coexists and carries out their projects.

Coworking is for everyone

Shared workspaces are not only aimed at liberal professionals, startups and small businesses.
Large and medium-sized companies also benefit from the infrastructure and customized services offered by a Coworking.

These work environments are a reality all over the world and are here to stay.
At Coworking, work environments are promising spaces for the self-employed and end up being an environment where a lot of networking with professionals from different areas happens, besides a structure with a lower cost than renting a commercial room.

The space of a coworking is so democratic for entrepreneurship, that it has been an extremely advantageous alternative for large and medium-sized companies that end up attracting more talented professionals in the process in an environment of constant exchange.

The innovation that has been changing the way small and large companies, freelance and autonomous professionals relate among themselves, with their suppliers and customers.

Shared work environment as a trend

This connection between professionals allows more offices in the format to spread around the world.
In order to follow the trends in an innovative work environment and, of course, reduce short term projects, large companies have chosen to transfer some operations to Coworking environments, others take entire headquarters.

This flow of professionals and sense of community can open many frontiers as well as being stimulating spaces for ideas, business and talent circulating in the same place.
When companies use part of their team working and interacting in a Coworking environment, the system used can be fixed or rotating, allowing employees to have experiences with professionals from other companies.

In these spaces the companies can also within their own infrastructure, create an opening to receive employees from different areas, freelancers and other companies.

This organization process is not only advantageous for autonomous professionals and micro and small companies, the Coworking is an economic and innovation solution also, for large companies that approach smaller companies and autonomous professionals in a democratic and sophisticated environment that offers an infinite exchange of information, work and learning.

The big companies have already realized that they cannot close themselves in their large private offices. An example of this is Coca-Cola Atlanta, the unit has provided some employees with the possibility of working in a Coworking, together with local entrepreneurs, thus experiencing an enormous possibility of exchanging experiences.

A company that seeks to stand out by being up-to-date with what is happening in the world and attentive to innovations can certainly achieve a positive perception of its investors and suppliers, and invite them to get to know and participate in this more creative and open space, can strengthen business relationships.