Health at work: why and how to take care of posture

The office chair is where we spend most of our time at work, especially now in times of remote work.

You can improve the quality of your work by changing your posture and practicing simple exercises that can be done on your own desk.

Posture on the chair

First of all, be sure that your chair is the best option for your health and, consequently, your performance at work. For those who sit for long periods, one option is to use a pillow in the chair if it is too hard. This way, with all the weight supported on the buttocks, you will feel more comfortable.

How to position yourself in the office or at home at work time

It is essential to position yourself correctly in your chair, when you sit incorrectly, the pressure on your intervertebral discs causes them to become disuniform and overload muscles and ligaments, so always keep an upright posture in your chair.

When it’s time to sit down, lean your lumbar spine completely against the chair and keep your spine always straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Always try to work with relaxed shoulders, always look at the center of your computer screen and keep your neck straight.

Your arms and hands should be in a straight line to the keyboard.

Keep your feet fully supported on the floor and do not cross your legs. The ideal is to always be changing position and try not to stay in the same position for hours.

Take breaks during your day

The worst thing in a work posture are repetitive movements, take breaks from your activities throughout the day and try to change the environment.

This movement recharges the energies and the astral to return to work.

Walking around the office for a few minutes, for example, already makes a big difference. The breaks will relieve the musculoskeletal system.

Perform stretches

Stretching is a very simple exercise to do and can be done sitting or standing up at any time of the day.
They help to relax the muscles and relieve back pain and other body parts.

You can start with the head, rotating it slowly to avoid shoulder and neck pain.

For the arms, you can start stretching them up at the same time you rotate both hands, then hold the elbow with your hand and take it to the fist to reach the side of the head region and maintain this position for a few minutes and repeat it with the other arm.

You can stretch your legs while sitting on your chair with your back in an upright position, then raise your legs until they are parallel to the floor, hold this position for one minute and then do the same thing with the other leg.

Adapt your work environment

Besides the old pillow on the chair, there are some products and equipment that can make your work much more comfortable as well:

  • Height adapter for your monitor
  • Notebook support
  • Arm support
  • Foot support

Health is fundamental

An office is a place where we spend many hours and, for this reason, repeating bad habits can become a health problem.

Stay alert to your posture during working hours, surely your body will thank you in a few years.