How to make virtual meetings more productive?

The technology is more and more modern and the internet is getting faster, which allows virtual meetings to be made through videoconferences with applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangout.

We are in a reality of working more and more at home or remotely, and in the rush of the day at work is meeting after meeting.

Even though virtual meetings are becoming more and more common, working at a distance is every day an adaptation.

Here are some tips to make your virtual meetings more productive.

Attention to details

Before you start an online meeting, always check up on your transmission equipment: camera, microphone, lighting. Be clear in the microphone and always be a little more whimsical in your diction and always announce your arrival and be clear when you are leaving.

Schedule the meeting well in advance

With so many people working remotely, the meetings are fundamental organizational items in the company’s operations and meetings of different teams and several projects are happening at the same time.

So, make sure in advance that all the employees you need to be present at the meeting have their agendas available.

Create meeting rules

In meetings at a distance with several participants, it is easy that the meeting ends with lost people, parallel conversations, or even unintentionally interrupting themselves.

To avoid these setbacks, create a list of agendas or topics that follow a logical and clear order, to help the organization, you can also create roles among members.

Straight to the point

Don’t be late and during the virtual meeting always keep an eye on the clock. Think about your arguments before the meeting to get to the point quickly.

Divide your arguments into, presentation of the problem, expose your proposals and alternatives and finally ask for the opinions of other collaborators to help you in your solution. Talk less to tell your ideas.

Have proactivity

During the meeting take the initiative to start talking and break the silence. Without taking the chance of anyone speaking and exposing your ideas, it is possible to take the lead as a kind of mediator or teacher, especially if it is a meeting presented or taught by you.

Call the other employees to speak and ask for opinions, be aware of the signs that the other wants to speak, establishing a fair and relaxed environment, fluid, and without embarrassing silences.

Give everyone a chance to speak

Not always the participants of the online meeting are visible and, many, participate only by audio, so it is normal for these people to be more silent and get lost more during the meeting.

To make sure everyone participates actively in the meeting, create a list of everyone present, be aware if someone has not had their chance to speak and share their points, expose their ideas and suggestions, and make sure that this person receives attention and gets their opportunity to speak as well.

Start the meeting with relaxing and connection

In the physical office, it is very common that people together in the meeting room have a moment of relaxation, and in remote work, it is good to start the activities with a little proximity and joy.

Relaxing in the initial moments of the meeting, besides uniting more employees, also causes much more engagement in the meeting that is about to happen.

Use those initial minutes for light subjects that would physically happen on the way to the meeting or at that time of the coffee.

As we have seen, to hold a productive virtual meeting, some care must be taken.

The most important thing is to hold your meetings in such a way that their content is being used to the maximum to develop the agenda or train the workforce.

These tips can help your team to concentrate more and get the best out of online meetings and especially optimize time in your company.

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