The importance of management for small businesses

When we talk about small businesses, many people believe that having a small group of people on their staff doesn’t mean they don’t have to do staff management, but that can be a terrible mistake.

Small businesses are very important because together they add a significant share of the labor market, so taking all the necessary care to do efficient management can improve your business.

However, it is not difficult to point out the causes of the lack of management in small businesses, since management is done by few people, often a single person, and the burden of tasks is extensive.

However, an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to take on a number of responsibilities when deciding to open a business, and being prepared to manage well can be the key to your company’s success.

Management for small teams

Even in a company that has few employees, the management needs to be done in a complete and efficient way, providing welfare to each of the employees and improving the quality of the company.

When an employee works under favorable conditions, the work becomes a satisfactory environment soon, he will perform his activities with more effort, and you will have a team more focused on work.

Management beyond bureaucracy

Taking care of the management of employees has a rather stressful bureaucratic part, however, it is important to be attentive in the management beyond the bureaucracy, i.e. taking care of the working environment.

Those who have a healthy work environment feel safer and more encouraged to perform their duties because they see that they need to deliver to the company the same commitment that the company delivers for them.

Management from the beginning

Personnel management begins even before hiring, this is an important step and must be done with great calm, care, and certainty, after hiring you will have to deal every day with that person, so be sure to bring to your team someone to add.

Seven steps for a successful management

To make efficient management, there are some steps that can make your path easier and to help you we list each one below.


Planning is the key to well-done management if planning you are able to perform tasks beyond the essential and thus make your company a better place for your employees.


Communication is indispensable for a good coexistence between your team, it is essential that you communicate with your employees and also encourage them to communicate with you, so always keep the door open for dialogues.


The monitoring will be your ally to know the profile of each of your employees, monitoring your staff you will be able to identify where are the flaws to be corrected and the qualities to be encouraged.


Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, evaluation is a great way to measure the efficiency of your team and score defects and qualities, so be in the habit of making feedbacks periodically and be open to speak your point of view and listen to the problems of your employees.


As important as pointing out the problems is pointing out the qualities, so recognition should always be present in your feedbacks, so always remember to recognize the successes and praise your team in the face of a collective achievement.


There are several ways to keep your team happy and satisfied, among them offering benefits such as bonuses, flexible schedules, awards, etc. Be aware of this and make sure to offer means of incentive for your employees.


Finally, do not forget that a good employee is one who is constantly learning, nobody is ready to perform the same function year after year without being updated on market practices, so offer and encourage training for your team and for yourself, this way you will have the best professionals working in your team.

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