How to choose your company name

When starting a new business many decisions need to be made, among them what will be the name of your company, but often this issue ends up being treated with less importance and this can end up damaging the future of your enterprise.

Choosing a consistent name that helps you sell your brand image is essential, so be careful not to fall into traps by following a few steps, you can make sure that your company name will play to your advantage.

Make the brand identity reflect on the name

The identity of your brand is one of the things that need to be well defined from the start, and no doubt it has to be present in your name.

Before choosing your company name to define its mission, vision, and values, this makes it easier to find a way to decide for a name that reflects the intentions of your brand.

It is important to take into consideration the segment and the proposal of your business and avoid running away from the subject, the name of the company needs to direct the public to know what and with whom it is dealing.

Simplicity is everything

The human mind stores names in short-term memory, so it is very common for this information to be easily forgotten, be careful that your name is not too difficult and get lost in the memory of consumers.

Create a short and easy to memorize name, this will help to fix your brand in the mind of customers, after all, nobody will consume anything from a company whose name is not even remembered, so keep in mind that less is more.

Realize that many big companies have short and simple names, this is directly related to the success of brands such as Uber, Apple, Nike among so many others.

Internet presence

One of the most important factors that cannot be left out when choosing the name of your company is the presence that your brand will have on the Internet.

Before defining the name of your company do a search to make sure that the domain is available and also that there are no other brands using this term because this can hinder your business when your customers find you online.

Understand your audience

When you take your first steps as an entrepreneur, you will need to do some in-depth research on your target audience, i.e. understand the profile of those who will be your clients.

In this survey, you can absolve information about several characteristics common to your clients that will tell you a lot about their preferences, interests, and customs, from this you will have many clues of what can be a more accepted name in this niche.

Being attuned to trends is important for the success of your company’s name choice, after all this way you will be able to better understand what is on the rise among your customers and use it to your advantage.

How to get ideas for your company name

After considering the important factors to be taken into account when deciding on the name of your company it is time to move on to creativity.

You can use a number of sources to serve as inspiration when deciding the name of your company, from something you like a lot to something more direct.

Take into account that names that arouse feelings and sensations in customers can be more effective because they are able to activate senses that make it easier to memorize the name and even boost consumption.

Below we will give you some tips on how to create your company’s name from a few points, surely one of them will work for you.

Last name

Choosing a family name can work for companies in bureaucratic segments that seek to reflect credibility, such as a law firm, for example, after all no one would put their own name on a company that might have a dubious reputation.


An acronym can be a good option when the name of your company is very big, because that way it is shorter and easier to memorize. Ideally, the acronym of a bigger term will have a meaning on its own, besides being creative, this method is still fun.


Creating a name for your company from the method of association is a great way to relate your brand to a feeling or sensation, for example, if you have a company in the food sector, create a name that just by being mentioned arouses the customer’s desire to eat.


Finding a name that wins the affection of consumers is an important step towards success, so understand well the trends around your target audience, and select a term that represents your business and pleases your future customers.

So, have you had any ideas for your company name? Put these tips into practice and you’re sure to find the right name for your business.