Learn to value your time and get organized at work

Time. The most valuable asset you have. If you begin to understand time as something scarce and that needs to be valued to the fullest, it’s easier to reflect on the importance you give to using it.

Between work, study, homework, commitments with friends and family, and the much-deserved rest, counting on 24 hours in one day seems very little.

However, knowing how to organize yourself it is possible to make the best use of your time, valuing every minute of your day.

To help you make the best use of your time at work, we have prepared some steps to be followed that will help you manage such a valuable resource and finish your day satisfied with your productivity.

Have a planning

Think of your time in fragments, that is, establish in advance what you need to produce in a month, in a week and daily.

From these definitions, write down everything you have to accomplish in one day, and leave this list visible for you to manage what you need to do and what you have already done.

Also, determining a period to accomplish each task is a good way to avoid spending too much time focusing on one thing and not delivering others.

To accomplish this it is important to maintain discipline and understand that the biggest loser in neglecting your planning scheme is yourself.

Set priorities

We often lost a lot of time performing a task that could have been done at another time and stopped performing something that was more urgent. That is why it is extremely important to define what is a priority and what can be left for later.

Setting priorities will help you know where to start and how much time you will have to accomplish a task, these factors are fundamental to the organization of your day.

When a task is more difficult or laborious, we tend to leave it until later, however, this is a mistake that should be avoided. When you come across something like this, put it as a priority, that way you accomplish it as soon as possible.

Do one thing at a time

By wanting to be multitasking you could be making a big mistake. Focusing on what you are doing is more effective than trying to accomplish several things at once.

Besides facilitating distractions, accomplishing more than one task at the same time still makes it possible for mistakes to be made that harm the result of your work.

Count on unforeseen events

When you define the time you will have to carry out the day’s tasks, be sure to count on the possibility of unforeseen events.

This is one of the factors that most hinder the organization of working time, so counting on something that may arise at the last minute will help you solve this problem without having to stay in the office for too long.


When we think of a workday, we cannot consider every minute as productive, after all, giving a break is essential for your body and mind to be more prepared to perform their tasks.

Taking a few breaks during your work will help you to be more productive in your available time, so between one task and another stop for a coffee or a walk.

Learning to value your time and organize your tasks at work will be a big step towards productivity and growth.

Every minute that you lose due to lack of planning can never be recovered. So have discipline and focus on doing your work in the most efficient way, so you can enjoy your free time.

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