Remote management: The secrets to having a team united even remotely

To talk about remote work until the beginning of the century was something unimaginable because everyone was stuck to the idea of presence as a mandatory criterion when performing a function within a company.

However, with the digital revolution through which the world has recently passed, distance working has become something viable and spread by several professionals, mostly autonomous.

Gradually, some companies began to join the home office in a few days of the week and even hired professionals to work exclusively remotely.

Whether for convenience or necessity, many companies are facing a new working model, and dealing with this novelty is still a challenge for many managers.

However, remote management is not something from another world and, believe me, with a little planning, the right tools, and a lot of commitment from the team it is possible that everyone is united even at a distance.

Efficient communication

The first thing to be valued when we talk about remote management is the issue of communication between the parties. We need to ensure that the message is conveyed clearly and objectively so that it is received without noise.

In addition to taking every care in the way one communicates, another important factor to be taken into account is the means by which communication between the team will occur.

To ensure that the workflows in the best way it is important to have well structured and reliable software that allows the interaction between all members of a project.

Productivity and autonomy

One of the features required for teams working remotely is productivity and autonomy.

If within a formal work environment there are people who do not perform their functions in the most productive way, remotely this characteristic tends to accentuate.

Therefore, it is extremely important to observe the performance of each team member separately and assess whether they have enough autonomy to ensure productivity in their tasks.

Periodic Feedbacks

When managing from a distance, it is necessary to understand what the team needs and also to leave well established the results that are expected from it.

A good remote manager needs to periodically establish the group and individual feedback to evaluate the work of his team, recognizing merits and clarifying points that need improvement.

Feedback is an essential tool that cannot be lost in a remote working relationship because it ensures that the parties involved know what is expected of them and can improve every day.

The human factor

Even though we are not faced to face with your team, it is fundamental to remember that each member behind the machine is a human being who has qualities, defects, problems, and a history that needs to be taken into consideration.

It sounds silly to talk about it, but when dealing with the digital world every day it is difficult to take into consideration the human factor and the perception that the work is being done by the machine can become a reality.

So, get to know your team beyond the work, set up periodic videoconference meetings that allow everyone to see themselves, and recognize themselves as people who are working separately but united for a purpose.

Don’t forget to make room for dialogue and even relaxation, after all, with the troubled day to day work, everyone will feel more stimulated when creating social bonds.

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