Starting from scratch: Tips for those who want to undertake

Faced with a crisis, not a few people need to start again and often undertake may be the best choice for those seeking a new path.

The world of entrepreneurship is not easy, there are many factors that need to be taken into account before deciding to be your own boss.

However, with planning, dedication, and strategy it is possible to find your place in this sea of entrepreneurs and establish a successful business even in the face of a difficult moment.

To help you get your ideas off paper and turn dreams into reality we have prepared a list with the most important points for you to be ready to start your own business.


If you want to start a business, understanding your segment is extremely important, after all working with what you already have some notion is easier than starting to learn about a new branch.

It is virtually impossible to succeed in an area that you don’t master, so when choosing your industry choose something that you know.

In addition, understanding the market and the demand for the product or service you intend to launch is fundamental to create a business plan and define the viability of your venture.


Taking the first step is not easy at all, but if you don’t know what you’re getting at it becomes impossible.

Before you start your activities it is essential that you set a goal for your company by defining exactly where you want to go with it.


Knowing your client is one of the most important points, for this, it is necessary to draw a detailed profile on who your consumers are and what their demands are.

This research cannot be generic, it needs to define your audience in detail, segmenting its characteristics as much as possible until it reaches a persona who will be the target of its actions.


Knowing your client is fundamental to follow the next step: communication. By defining your customer profile you will be able to find the best means and languages to communicate with them.

Your brand needs to speak exactly the same language as your consumers in order to interact with and engage consumers who will identify not only with your products but also with your brand values.


After knowing the best language and means to communicate with your customers it’s time to put this strategy into practice, access your audience with content and bring the brand culture to them.

Whether through blogs, social networks, e-mail or offline, you need to locate where your audience is and make yourself present in their daily lives.


Communication is a two-way street, just as you get to your client knows how to listen to what he says, so you can better prepare yourself to offer exactly what he wants.

In the face of enormous competition, you need to be ready to offer an excellent service both in the quality of your products or services and in the service to your customers.


Having knowledge about your area does not only mean identifying your competition but also establishing knowledge-sharing relationships in order to get potential customers or partners.

Establishing contacts is a necessary step for any entrepreneur, so understanding the importance of the network for your company is fundamental.


Planning is more than important, it is essential, but no company goes ahead without putting all this planning into practice.

Don’t wait too long to get your ideas into action, as you may be missing out on good opportunities while you wait to achieve perfection.

Remember that achievement is better than perfect. Getting ideas off paper can be difficult, but gather courage, knowledge and planning and put everything into practice towards success.

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