5 ways to prevent the environment from interfering with your productivity

Have you ever stopped to think how the environment in which you work can influence your productivity?

From a simple problem in the physical space to colleagues who don’t collaborate, there are many factors that can leave you distracted from your functions.

Producing with quality in a short period of time is a great challenge, but for those who are able to overcome the setbacks, being productive is a habit.

To understand how to distance yourself from possible distractions and become a more agile professional, follow these five golden tips.

1 – Cleaning and organization

The work space must be clean and organized. Avoid accumulating papers and objects that do not contribute to the work.

The organization is essential for concentration and focus, working at a table with too much information will delay your work.

Pay attention if some factor in the space is hindering your day by day and the adjustment, too distant garbage cans, too low lighting or other factors that makes you uncomfortable.

2 – Control interruptions

Be it a cell phone that rings many times or a colleague that interrupts you more than it should, try to cut that kind of interruption to optimize your time.

Distractions with social networks or message contact with people outside of work should be restricted to moments of pause.

Often, it may seem like a short pause to answer a message or answer a call, but if this habit becomes frequent it can end up taking up a long time of your day.

3 – Cultivate good relationships

The motivation in the work environment is also in the good relations you have with your colleagues.

Nobody can be productive and keep the focus on a space in which the relationships do not flow well, so try to avoid enmities inside the work environment to the maximum.

4 – Technology in your favor

Betting on one or more productivity and organization software can help both you and your team produce more and better.

When everyone is aware of what is pending and deadlines for others, it is easier to set limits to distractions.

Take advantage of these technological resources to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, so you’re better prepared for the demands to come.

5 – Everybody’s collaboration

Productivity can be something individual or collective, but regardless of your functions, counting on everyone’s collaboration can help and a lot.

Setting goals together can encourage all team members to organize and produce more.

After all, when you make good use of the time inside the office, you may have that little time left at the end of the day to relax and forget your worries.

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