Habits that you need to acquire for a stress free routine

We live a routine race, a frenetic rhythm between work and personal life, taking care of yourself is a task that has been increasingly left aside and the effects of these choices can be devastating for your mental health after all the stress caused by them can generate permanent damage.

There are many reasons that can generate stress, know how to identify them and work ways to mitigate this problem is fundamental. Know that with some habits and attitudes you can control stress and have a much better life.

Know your limits

Each person reacts in a certain way to the stimuli of everyday life, knowing what causes you stress is the first step to start fighting it.

If you already know the events that make you stressed, learn to avoid them, if this option does not exist, be prepared to deal with them in the best possible way.

A good tip that can help you prepare before an event that will cause you stress, such as making a presentation, is to use breathing techniques. Also, avoiding negativity and filling yourself with positive thoughts is sure to help you.

Feed correctly

Your diet is directly linked to your body’s ability to work during the day, a body without fuel will hardly allow your mind to be free to make the best choices.

Good nutrition begins by choosing times, having a set time each day to make your meals is an essential habit.

Choosing the right foods will also make all the difference, if you ingest too much sugar, for example, you may end up with blood glucose spikes, which will hinder your performance.

Also, avoid high-fat foods and excessive caffeine, coffee can be a great ally at times, but exaggerating doses can attack your nervous system, which will increase your stress level.

Hydration is an item that cannot be left aside, always have liquids at your fingertips throughout the day and control your alcohol intake during the week.

Practice physical exercises

The practice of some sport, to make a run or even a simple walk, will contribute to the decrease in the levels of stress. Physical exercise is able to release substances in the brain directly linked to pleasure, including this habit in your routine, especially in the morning, will give you a more productive day.

Having a good posture is also a very important item, so make sure that your chair and table offer ergometric working conditions, after all, you will spend the whole day in them.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleeping well, especially for the number of hours needed to replenish your energy, will ensure that you feel physically and mentally more willing.

A good night’s sleep will reward you throughout the day, your body will be more prepared and resistant to the workday, and your mind will be rested to deal with problems without stress.

If you have insomnia problems, try to follow a few steps so that you can rest easy:

  1. Plan the next day’s tasks
  2. Slowing down the pace little by little
  3. Read some pages of a book
  4. Decrease the lighting in the environment
  5. Avoid distractions such as cell phone and television after lying in bed

Organize your duties

One of the best ways to avoid stress is to organize your workweek, if you know the steps you need to take and how much time you will have available for them, your mind is calmer and focused on what is important in each moment.

Taking the time to do this planning will be a great choice and will avoid the stress caused by unpredictability and lack of time.

Another effective way to combat stress is to solve the backlog. When we have something laborious or unpleasant to do is to do everything to postpone this task, however, this is a terrible choice, the most difficult or laborious duties must be solved first, otherwise they will become an extra concern.

Building good relations

When your family and social life are fine, your daily work tends to be better. Being well with yourself will directly influence your professional life.

If you do not have the habit of having fun and sharing moments with the people you love, the tendency to suffer from stress is greater. You will always have the impression that you are living only for work and will feel indebted to your friends and family.

Make time for social activities outside of your professional environment, dedicate some time to playful activities, fun is essential.

Have an exhaust valve

Working for hours in a row for several days of the week requires some reward, create ways to give yourself at least once a week, either with your own time, or even buying something you wanted, but be careful not to burst your budget, a reward doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Having a hobby is very important to reduce moments of stress, performing tasks linked to personal desires will help you to be satisfied with yourself. Find out which are the activities you like to do for pleasure and put them into practice.

Don’t let your work and problems damage your health, take care of your mind should be one of the priorities in your day to day, so practice the tips you learned and keep stress levels always low.