Work and quality of life: how to balance the two

Are you satisfied with your work?

The quality of life at work is a point increasingly raised and essential in companies in recent times. Feeling good in the professional environment is fundamental to achieve positive results and productivity in the company.

The quality of life of someone depends on some factors that collaborate with the physical and emotional well-being from person to person. Whether positive or negative, the emotional context of one or more employees directly influences the company’s performance.

The Human Resources area makes more and more advances to bring well-being to all professionals, but it is still common the accumulation of functions and overloaded routines, with long working hours for both employees and human resources professionals.

According to the research made by the Brazilian representative of the International Stress Management Association, 9 out of 10 Brazilians have work-related anxiety symptoms.

The physical and mental health of managers, their teams, and their HR professionals are decisive factors for them to be able to fully focus on their tasks and achieve their goals, in addition to providing a good organizational climate.

For companies, the quality of life at work is directly linked to the stimulation of good results coming from their teams.

When the quality of life at work is high, other corporate issues are benefited, creating an environment of high productivity and stimulating innovation.

Fundamental tips for you to improve the quality of life in the work environment.

Physical and mental health

Toxic workplaces damage the psychic health of the professional, negative, and stressful environments, where the employee works all the time under pressure, also affects the employee’s physical health.

Job satisfaction

For evolution, engagement, and satisfaction, every employee needs to like the function they are performing and always be motivated in their tasks.

A creative person can feel demotivated by a repetitive task, so it is necessary to know what each employee thinks and how he feels in the context of work.

A good relationship between employees

When interpersonal relations are damaged either by gossip or internal disputes, the whole company suffers.

A very negative work climate and with many disagreements is toxic for the professional and can contaminate all areas bringing insecurity and distrust among employees.

Good working environments with healthy relationships among employees reflect the well-being and harmony of an organizational climate with people of different temperaments and personalities.

Organizational climate

Just as the climate at work reflects on the worker’s life, his behavior within the company and even his external problems are factors that interfere with the organizational climate.

Companies must have transparency in their actions and create programs and projects that aim to stimulate the well-being of their employees.

Career opportunities and feedback

Companies that offer growth opportunities have more motivated professionals.

Knowing that you have chances to evolve within the company and develop your career are incentives that guarantee the effort.

It is essential for a good manager to maintain a feedback culture and have good communication with his team.

The ideal is to let your employees always know their qualities and points to improve, but remember: make criticism in private, directly with the person and praise in public.

Quality of life is a concept that should be sought in all areas of our lives, including work.

Are you satisfied with your work environment?

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