Career and children: how to have time for both?

When the family grows and the career demands more commitment each day, is it possible to have time to devote to both?

No mother and no father wants to give up spending time with their children, but we know well that it is at this time that the pocket is the most tight and career-oriented.

It seems an impossible mission, but we will demonstrate that with discipline, planning and a lot of energy it is possible to dedicate yourself to your children and your career at the same time.

Planning in the first place

To cope with a life divided between children and career you have to plan very well. Every minute of the day is important, so weekly planning can be very helpful.

Define the schedules from the moment you wake up until bedtime, in this way you avoid unforeseen events and can schedule yourself for your tasks either at home or at work.

Counting on resources such as an online scheduler or task manager can help you to organize yourself better.

Separate the environments

Working at home may seem like a way out to spend more time with your family, but that’s an illusion.

Staying in the same environment all day can make it harder for you and your family to work.

If you don’t work in your own company or office, choose to look for an option as a coworking, where you can be compenetrated in your work time to optimize your time.

In addition to optimizing your time, you can also see the advantages of coworking for your career, which can help you grow and have more free time for the family.

Quality time

Making a time plan may end up being useless if, while being with your family, you are head over heels in the world of the moon, or worn out.

Quality time means that you should not only be present physically, but enjoy the moments together to do activities and enjoy as a family.

Whether it’s doing a homework with your child, or taking him to the park, in the moments you are together he needs to realize that his mother or father is dedicated to him, and no matter how many hours he spends at work, when you are together the moments are special.

Attention to physical and mental health

With a pulled routine, body and mind care must be doubled. Attention to feeding and sleeping schedules, and care not to exaggerate on caffeine, alcohol or tobacco.

With regard to work and mental health, be aware of your stress level and try to maintain a quiet life in the office.

In addition, identifying the factors that increase your anxiety and trying to control them is the best way to keep your mind in balance.


Being with your family is the best thing in the world, even more so when there are no worries at work preventing you from enjoying those moments.

Try to have quality of life at work and in your home, so you will live more and better and your children will always understand that no matter how little time you spend together, every minute is used to the maximum.

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