Socializing in the coworking environment only depends on you

Have you ever stopped to think that you could be making better use of the possibilities for friendships and partnerships within your coworking?

Among the many advantages of working in a shared office is the chance to socialize with people from various fields, including yours.

It has long been known that having good relationships is fundamental to professional success and there is no better environment for that if not a coworking.

The importance of networking for business is as great as any other marketing tool, so this practice should not be ignored.

Even if you are a shy or short-sighted person, having good relationships with your office colleagues can be very nice, as well as beneficial to your business.

The following are some tips on how to socialize in the coworking environment, the first one is: it’s up to you!

Be polite and simple

From the moment of entry to exit, being cordial to everyone around you is fundamental.

Often, on a busy day, you can put little gestures aside like a good day, but don’t let the rush get in your way.

A person who doesn’t practice cordiality can be misunderstood by colleagues and end up repelling a rapprochement.

Shyness can be a hindrance, but do your best to get over it and offer a minimum of openness for new contacts.

Be seen

Who is not seen, is not remembered. You don’t need to draw attention to yourself, but it is essential that people perceive your presence.

Sitting at the most isolated table, omitting to argue and eating alone are habits that will keep you away from people.

Be always present and show yourself available for a coffee, a conversation and even a partnership.

Be sure to attend events and relax meetings with the class in your office, in those moments great business can arise.

Show interest

Don’t expect your colleagues to know things about you if you don’t know anything about them.

Show interest in people and their projects, know what they have studied and in what field they work.

Some small gestures of attention like knowing people’s names seem small, but they show your interest.
Beware of inconveniences

Pay attention to your actions and be careful not to reproduce habits or act in a way that might upset you.

Sometimes a situation that seems normal to you may be irritating other people, so watch out if you are not crossing a line.

Take special care in events and at happy hour, occasions of relaxation lead to an informality that can harm your image.

Value yourself, but don’t overdo it

Being in evidence and demonstrating your qualities as a professional is very important, but be careful not to boast.

Nobody likes superb people, so remember to always value your work, but without being superior to others.

Prefer to show how well your work is seen by others and also value the work of your colleagues, always being interested and praising.

Don’t fall into social traps

You will often encounter gossip and intrigue among your coworkers.

Avoid participating in these conversations and spreading negative information about a coworker.

This kind of “social trap” can damage your image and your professional relationships.


Coworking is a space to find people who can enrich their professional contacts and generate good partnerships.

Keeping good habits of education, being nice, and striving to have good relationships within the work environment is essential for your career.

And most important of all: it’s up to you! So be aware of your efforts to socialize.

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