How the Corona virus should change the future of work

With the arrival of the Corona Virus pandemic, relations between employers and employees changed overnight.

Changes that were taking place at slow paces have now become a necessity and are beginning to be implemented quickly.

Understanding the individual needs of each team member has become a must for leaders.

Factors such as mental health and well being become more relevant and confidence needs to be strengthened by both parties.

Other issues related to the reduction of bureaucracy and the use of technology have also become essential.

Finally, mobility also tends to be optimized, leading employees to work at a distance as a way to reduce circulation in large centers.

Although it is still a little early to know everything that will happen in the future of work, we can already foresee some factors.

Technology as an ally

The technology within the work environment was already used in several areas.

However, remote work was gradually beginning to be implemented by many companies.

The well-known home office made a few times a week became permanent and everything indicates that after the pandemic it should become more and more frequent.

Reducing distances

Working in shared offices in areas closer to homes is also a measure that should be increasingly adopted.

Working at a distance is one of the trends that several professionals should adhere to after a pandemic.

Opting to work in a shared office can provide the employee to move between their home and their place of work on foot or bicycle.

This can decrease the traffic of people in large urban centers when moving between work and home, avoiding agglomerations.

More united employees

In the face of difficulty, the best way to face it is to join forces and face the challenges as a team.

To overcome a difficult moment like a pandemic, mobilization must be joint.

Establishing measures in partnership with co-workers should be a priority to protect each other.

This rapprochement and the established trust will be carried forward by bringing co-workers together for future moments.

Better prepared leaders

The relationship between leaders and employees should be tested in times of difficulty like a pandemic.

In the face of crisis, the potential for leadership is put to the test and only the best-prepared leaders resist.

Knowing how to manage a team in the face of a crisis is the final proof that a manager knows how to fulfill his duties and take good care of his employees.

New career opportunities

The crisis caused by the Corona Virus pandemic triggers a wave of innovations capable of reorganizing career opportunities.

New positions begin to emerge and those who seek new paths may find unprecedented employment options.

Professionals capable of reinventing themselves and offering companies practical solutions are highlighted in the job market and better opportunities.


Difficult times are always drivers of innovation and with the crisis that is rocking the world today, it is no different.

At first, the difficulties tend to speak louder, but in the future, the relations in the business world will experience new possibilities.

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