Shared office or private room? What is the best way to work in a coworking

Many people already know the advantages of working in a coworking, but there are still some doubts: “Do I need a private room?” Or “What can I gain by choosing to work in a shared office?”

To solve these and other issues and help you choose the best way to enjoy the space in a coworking, we have prepared some tips that can solve your problems.

Today there are several shared space options that are innovating the way thousands of professionals work. However, when inserting your company in a shared environment you need to pay attention and choose the ideal option for your needs.

In order for you to make a conscious and efficient choice of the best space to work inside a coworking, we have prepared this article that will give you a better view of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Why choose a coworking

The first question to ask is whether the choice to work in a coworking is the best option for you.

If your work is remote or if you have a small team, working from home may not be the best decision.

On the other hand, opening an office may also entail a number of expenses that may not fit into your budget.

In addition, there are advantages to working in a coworking that cannot be left out, such as improved productivity, the possibility of networking and the establishment of a routine that can be very advantageous and profitable for your company.

How to decide between a private room and a shared table

On this question we can say that there is no correct answer. Both the shared table and the private room have advantages and disadvantages, it remains to be seen which one best suits your needs.
Private room

The idea of sharing a space with other professionals is revolutionary and, in fact, has brought positive results to numerous professionals and companies. However, it is common for some people that the private space makes more sense.

With that in mind, most coworkers offer plans with the option of private rooms and still make available to clients all the necessary infrastructure for their business.

Among the advantages of opting for a private room are: the possibility of having a place of your own; complete furniture; rooms for meetings, events and lectures available; and significant savings when compared to the expenses of opening your own office.

Opting for a private room is the best decision for professionals who prefer to work in a private environment and for small companies that need a dedicated space where their employees can work together.

Shared office

Now, if what you need is an environment with the infrastructure, climate and peace of mind to arrive with your laptop and get your hands on it, the shared office may be the best option for you.

After all, it consists of a very well planned and elaborated space so that several professionals can work in harmony and with all the comfort they need.

This environment can offer you several advantages that go beyond an affordable price, starting with the possibility of relating with several professionals and creating a network of contacts that will strengthen your networking.

Besides being immersed in an environment where several professionals work focused on a single objective: to make your companies grow, it will help you to keep the focus on work and create a routine to be able to dedicate to your tasks all the necessary energy.

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Now that you know the main features and advantages of each space within a coworking it’s easier to make the right decision for you and your company.

If you still have any questions or if you want to be sure that the coworking is really the best option for you to count on Easy Work Space, it will certainly have the best solutions for your business.