Sales control: why and how to

If you work with commerce, one of the most important points for the organization of your company is the control of sales. Through it, you can have a real vision of your results. Knowing how to do it accurately and effectively can make all the difference in the success of your business.

Through sales control, you can measure the output of products from your stock and thus qualify which are the most sold products and those that make less success, so you can identify those that are more worthwhile and those that are not worth the investment.

The damage of a disorganized company is enormous, so investing a little time to put your information in order can be more valuable than many think.

Doing the sales management in the right way is essential for the good functioning of your company since through it you can determine several essential factors such as the profit generated by your sales.

Sales control: what it is

Sales control is a way of organizing your company’s sales data. Through it you can record and analyze the success of your business and whether adjustments need to be made in this sector.

The ways that this control can be done varies between manual and automatic since both resources can be effective, what changes is the time it takes to record and analyze each one.

You can choose to make your control with paper and pen, spreadsheets in Excel, or even using a management system tool.

Sales control: the importance

Having healthy company finances depends, to a great extent, on having good control of your sales, because through it it will be possible to calculate the investments and return of your work.

Sales control: advantages

Possibility of planning

When you have a survey of sales information you can predict some patterns, such as frequency and periodicity of the output of each product, so planning the stock of these items becomes easier.

It is also possible to better plan campaigns and promotions in view of what pleases the consumer the most and in which period of the year each product has more demand.

Financial control

Another advantage of sales control is being able to predict earnings for the coming months based on the analysis of data from previous months, thus making it easier to plan your next investments thinking about your future results.

Sales control makes it easier to understand cash flow, thus enabling greater control of the financial sector. Having this information in hand and organized will also be of great help when doing the fiscal calculations of your business.

Sales control: how to do it

Making a sales check is easier than it sounds, how you perform this task will depend on what you intend with this data and what resources you have access to and knowledge.

Manual control

Paper and pen in hand, every detail needs to be noted. This is an excellent way to start controlling your sales, after all, it’s better to count on a method that may have some small flaws than not counting on anything, right?

With the growth of your sales and, therefore, of your company, it will be necessary to count on more sophisticated and secure resources.

Excel spreadsheets or Google Documents

Managing your sales through spreadsheets is a common and efficient practice. It is possible to make the process very fast and practical after creating a well-organized spreadsheet, however, this method is not free of errors and the data, even in a digital way, is entered manually.

Management system

The most professional and secure way to make your sales control is to choose to hire a management system that organizes the data automatically.

Besides being practical for sales management, this resource can also be connected to stock management and make life even easier for the entrepreneur.

For those who have never made a sales control, it is never too late to start, use our tips to put into practice today and organize your business once and for all.

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