Innovation and productivity: a foolproof duo

Betting on a philosophy of innovation for your company can bring many benefits, including increased productivity.

Innovative thinking is a management strategy generally adopted by new entrepreneurs, but it is teaching even the most traditional companies a lot.

The incentive to the new and the motivation of the teams to be more daring, are characteristics of the innovative management model, which depends a lot on creativity.

Among the characteristics of the innovation model is the ability of the team to act with innovative thinking and take this goal forward to help productivity.

To better understand how the model that is revolutionizing companies works and creating a new concept of productivity, follow some of the characteristics of this movement.

What is innovation

Innovation consists in a new way of accomplishing something that was previously accomplished in a less objective or effective way.

In this way, innovation does not consist in just creating a new process, but in ensuring that by replacing one model with another, the benefits will be instantaneous.

What is productivity

Productivity consists in ensuring that the processes carried out in a company are carried out in the shortest time and in the most effective way possible. That’s why this factor is so linked to innovation.

How to create an innovative environment

Creativity has an important role in the innovation process, after all it is from the proposal of a new model, which should work better than the previous one, that innovation is born and this is only possible with creativity.

Proposing a change that can, in fact, be beneficial to productive processes requires a creative effort from the entire team, which should be encouraged by the leader through an administrative profile that favors the stimulus to creativity.

The incentive to creativity in a team is essential for constant innovation, a practice that becomes possible from the deconstruction of traditional processes and the opening of new possibilities.

The solutions found in collaboration are enriched by different points of view, facilitating the creation of an innovative process.

Innovation as a productivity facilitator

The more innovative a company can be, the greater is its potential for productivity, by offering more effective means of carrying out procedures.

Facilitating bureaucratic processes, opening space for communication and proposing to break barriers are the main innovative actions that must be established in order to increase productivity.


Using proven methods will help your company go far. Simple decisions such as encouraging leaders and staff to think innovatively can bring short and long term benefits.

Traditional management models are lagging behind, and thinking such as associating innovation with productivity is opening doors for companies in many sectors.

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