Check out 5 apps to organize your day to day

Optimizing your time starts with organization and why not count on technology to help you? For this reason, we have prepared a list of 5 mobile apps to organize your day to day.

Todoist – Save your tasks

Organize your tasks into lists, add geolocation to your scheduled tasks, and access all of this from your smartphone or computer from a single easy-to-use interface. 

You can easily keep track of your tasks through a complete overview provided by the software. Recurring due dates help you create habits and remember deadlines.

Organizze – Take control of your finances 

Managing your finances becomes a simple and efficient task with this app. 

Convert currencies, create categories for each type of expense, and generate graphs to control your personal and professional financial life.

Doodle – Take notes of your appointments

Meet Doodle, an application different from the others, which is mainly used to manage appointments.

Doodle allows you to plan a series of appointments in a shared way, whether it’s a meeting with friends or a work meeting, with the application you can forget diaries and messages, integrating your calendar into a single digital resource.

Evernote – Save your files

This app is practical and simple to use and can be easily accessed from your cell phone to save files, images and texts. 

The app is a very useful tool for those who find it difficult to mentally disconnect from work and still have ideas flowing after work. 

Evernote works as a sketchbook to save messages, ideas, and lists that cannot be forgotten. 

Google Keep – Never miss an idea 

Never lose an insight again. With this app from Google you record your ideas and can illustrate them with photos, recordings, lists and notes, whatever is most effective for you.

If you don’t already use apps to organize your work routine, take advantage that you have in your hands powerful tools to optimize your time, organize your routine and have more time to dedicate to what matters.

Extra tips to organize your time

Now that you already know 5 apps to organize time and improve productivity, we want to give you three extra tips to optimize your performance and achieve your goals.

Set Goals

Always setting end points and defining a maximum amount of time for each task will help you plan your day and give you full control over your time.

Set priorities

Once you have planned your tasks, set priorities and try to distinguish between those that need to be done now and those that can be done slowly, eliminated or delegated.

Eliminate sources of distraction

Start paying attention to the number of times someone interrupts you when you are in the middle of an important task.

Eliminate interruptions related to social media and using your smartphone and dedicate 100% to the task at hand so you can get it done.