5 Ways to make money working from a distance

In 2020 the world faces one of the biggest changes of the last century: the New Corona Virus Pandemic.

This episode, hitherto unheard of in the life of this generation, accelerated a series of changes that had already been taking place and one of the biggest of them was in the business world.

Remote work was already part of many people’s lives, but with this new scenario, people from different professions need to adapt their business to work from a distance.

This may be easy for some, but many people don’t even know where to start.

So, if you’re one of those professionals who needs to reinvent themselves and start from scratch working from a distance, follow our tips and find out that it’s possible to continue in the job market.


Working as a freelancer is a way out for several professionals who no longer have their fixed jobs, but have the potential to provide services to several clients.

Be you an accountant, lawyer, architect, design… it is possible to work as a freelancer and serve several clients in a personalized way.

The great challenge of the freelancer is to conquer clients who need your work constantly and, this way, create a fixed clientele for those who render services month after month.

The most important thing when becoming a freelancer is to serve each client with responsibility and dedication, offering differentiated work.


If you have worked for a long time in a profession and you are already an expert in a subject, offering consulting is an excellent way to work at a distance.

With the technology at your disposal, consultancies can be done online and you can help clients improve their business from your expert eye.

For this, it is important to strengthen your curriculum and your networks as LinkedIn, to convince your clients that you have the necessary knowledge to help improve their business.

Online Classes

Teaching is another way to get back into the job market remotely.

People have already created the habit of studying on digital platforms and by giving lessons at a distance you can teach your specialty to people all over the world.

Whether you are teaching languages, your field or in a niche of knowledge, you can teach individually or create a unique product.

The advantage of producing a unique material is that you can create it only once and after that, you can only dedicate yourself to promoting it.


Whether through a blog, Youtube channel, or social network profile, becoming a reference in a subject can bring you excellent results.

It’s been a long time since influencers are no longer limited to the fashion world and have been showing that becoming a digital influencer works in the most diverse niches.

For that, your personality must be united to your technical knowledge about a certain subject, which will guide your speech in your communication channels.


In times of crisis, joining forces can be the key to the success of a business, so establishing a partnership can be your solution.

Understanding the importance of the network is essential to meet people from different niches and build business relationships that complement each other.

Talk to your contacts and try to understand how you can unite your knowledge as a professional with another person and together start something new.

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