Trends for the workplace in 2021

The year is starting and what can we expect from the day to day work in 2021?

We can definitely say that remote work is the big trend for 2021 and along with it flexibility and valuing private life.

In 2020, many changes happened overnight due to the Pandemic, which led companies and employees to reinvent themselves.

Now, what should stay and what should change from all these experiences we have lived through? Let’s take a look below.

Remote work

Although many people were already used to remote work, no doubt by the year 2020, millions of people have migrated to this new reality.

From small to large companies, teams from the most varied segments had to get used to the reality of remote work and this will probably change the way many companies and employees see work.

Remote work has proven to be more effective than many people thought and has also given many people the opportunity to have more time to enjoy their personal lives.


Shifts that have a start and end time will give way to flexibility in 2021. 

Employees have more freedom to choose the times they work, the times they settle personal life matters, and the times they rest, and thus find more quality of life.

Divide the professional from the personal

The negative psychological effects of overwork have been an issue for quite some time, with thousands of people having to take time off work due to problems such as burnout.

In this scenario, the emphasis on a balance between professional and personal life is becoming more frequent for both managers and employees.

With this new model, work environments tend to offer, more and more, wellness options sharing space with work.


The identity of companies and employees is increasingly being transformed by purpose.

Working for a greater purpose, beyond profit, is a trend that unites professionals and organizations in search of a common goal that goes beyond economic gains.

Companies that already adopt this profile can see the growth of both professionals who work happier, and customers, who see that the purpose is in the company’s DNA.

A company that looks beyond profits is constantly concerned with the well-being of its employees, with its social and environmental responsibility.

These measures when taken within a company reflect directly in its results, and growth is only a consequence. 


Topics such as diversity and equality are increasingly on the rise, and the company that does not strive to promote these values will fall behind.

Equality must be promoted both in relation to the gender of employees and to the LGBTQIA+ community, the black community, the diversity of socioeconomic profiles, among other factors.

The gains from investing in diversity and equality range from internal growth, with teams with more points of view and realities that can effectively offer a differential.

These should be the major trends and advances in the workplace in 2021. And you, have you thought about how to promote more well-being to your employees? 

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