The importance of planning for your business

In the business world it is common to be faced with the eagerness to perform our tasks as soon as possible, so many people believe that planning is a waste of time.

However, the truth is exactly the opposite, by making a planning you are valuing your time, which will not be spent performing tasks in a disorderly way without knowing where you want to go.

There is a Chinese proverb that says: “If you want to cut down a tree in half the time, spend twice as much time grinding the axe”. Next, understand the best way to prepare yourself through planning to ensure that your tasks will be carried out in the best possible way.

What is planning?

Planning is the definition of the steps that must be taken to leave the current moment and reach a goal.

For this, it is necessary to know exactly where you are and to establish an action plan with the necessary adjustments to go where you want.

Why to make a planning

For an efficient management the planning is essential, because from it it is possible to trace goals and objectives that will serve as a base to make decisions that can make the difference for the success of the company.
How to make a planning

To carry out a planning it is necessary to define a starting point and carry out a market analysis, considering the position of your company and your competitors.

From there you must define a mission to achieve your purpose and the steps you must take. It is important to set deadlines to achieve your goals as well as a deadline to analyze the results.

Strategic planning

The strategic planning must be performed by the leaders from the formalization of goals and objectives aiming the growth of the company.

To make a strategic planning it is necessary to consider the external and internal conditions to the company, to define the expected growth as well as the effectiveness and survival.

Tactical planning

Communication is the key word in tactical planning that acts as an intermediary between strategic and operational planning.

In tactical planning the decisions of superiors must be passed on in order to direct planning towards action.
Operational planning

This is the point where things happen, that is, in fact it reaches the productive sector where the workforce is operational.

Everything that was planned at a strategic and tactical level is put into practice, thus making all sectors responsible for the success of the company.


Planning is useless if there is no action, so be careful to put your planning into practice and always have it in mind to make sure that your plans are being followed.

Put in the calendar the dates that each goal should be reached, as well as a final date to make an evaluation of the results and consider a new planning.

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