Successful partnerships born in Coworking

Have you ever imagined working in a place where professionals from different areas meet and the atmosphere of professional growth promotes meetings, healthy competitions and successful partnerships? This place exists, and it is called COWORKING.

Those who provide services to companies remotely or are self-employed need a place with a good infrastructure, peace of mind, and, above all, a place that provides a productive work routine.

Even though there is always the possibility of working from home, productivity can be much lower in this environment, besides making it impossible to meet other professionals face to face.

If you’re looking to boost your career, find a perfect place to work and also meet amazing professionals to increase your network, you need to know coworking.

Check out below how the contacts you make at coworking can be a differential in your career.

Contacts in your field

One of the possibilities of contact within a coworking space is with people in the same field as yours. 

Such contacts are excellent opportunities to exchange ideas, collaborate with your projects, and even refer you to other people in your field.

Contacts in other areas

People from other areas are also excellent contacts to make at a coworking space, opening up the possibility for an exchange of experiences.

It is possible that when you meet people from other areas in your work environment you create relationships of trust and start to refer their work to other people, just as they will certainly refer to you.

Possible clients

If you provide a service, such as accounting, it is very possible that when you need an accountant, your coworking colleagues will hire you.

The same happens for other professions such as lawyers, social media, IT professionals, among many others.

Possible collaborators

Just as relationships within coworking can bring you clients, it can also put you in touch with excellent professionals for when you need their work.

Successful Partnerships

The working relationships and trust that occur within a coworking environment can even provide successful partnerships for your projects.

Many times, two professionals from different areas or from the same area, who can complement each other in a project, end up making successful partnerships and being more than friends, more than partners, partners.

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