Nearwork: the importance of working close to home

Distance from the workplace can have positive effects for both the employee and the employer, impacting each in different ways. 

The requirement for “residents in the area” appears several times in job postings, but with remote work, distance has increasingly become an employee choice.

To better understand the impacts of nearwork and how it can become a reality for many people, follow the text below.

Advantages of nearwork for the employer

Punctuality is one of the most important factors for an employer, which is why the distance an employee travels to get to work is so important when choosing a new employee for a team.

Several factors can interfere with the employee’s commute time to work and, for this reason, most companies give preference to hiring employees who live nearby.

With the possibility of remote work, the employer can count on a larger number of candidates for a job vacancy and does not need to be tied to people who live close to its headquarters.

Advantages of nearwork for the employee

There are many people who are willing to travel long distances to get to work, because the most important thing for them is to work.

However, a long commute time interferes a lot in the employee’s quality of life and in the long run can have negative impacts in the life and professional performance of this person.

Therefore, having the possibility of having a job that can be done remotely can have a very positive impact on the employee’s quality of life and significantly increase his or her professional performance.


In summary, if there is no need for timely intervention, the distance from the workplace matters for the employee due to the extra time it takes to get to the destination and the increased costs due to the longer trip.

For the employer, being able to choose their employees without geographic restrictions and not having to deal with problems of their employees being late or worn out on the commute to work.

In general, it seems that the best choice is to restrict the area in which to consider applications only in cases where immediate action is required and leave in all other cases freedom for the employee to decide whether to make a longer or shorter trip or look for a job closer to home.