How to improve the working environment for your team

Strategy and planning are essential factors for a business to move forward, yet none of this works if the manager does not provide employees with a healthy working environment.

Good management consists of establishing some values such as transparency and two-way communication. Based on these principles, the team starts to operate more effectively.

The positive results and the climate at work will be more favorable in a fair environment in which the team feels valued and respected.

The manager’s main function is to deal clearly and objectively with his employees and to know how to treat them with respect and empathy, besides helping them to solve their problems.

If you want some tips on how to become a better manager for your team and, therefore, improve the company’s results, follow the advice below, because they can help you in this mission.

Open yourself up to new ideas

The greatest qualities of a good manager are flexibility and the ability to adapt to the new. It is important to be aware of opportunities and listen to the ideas of your team.

Remember that your employees are dealing with the company’s problems on a daily basis, so it’s very important to listen to what they have to say.

Give up pre-established rules when necessary, they may be wrong, and striving to follow them to the letter may be a difficult mistake to make in the future.

Encourage your team to do their best

Be careful not to set your team unattainable goals. Set some goals that they can achieve and make it clear that within the achievable you expect the best of them.

When your employees see the excellence of their work, and understand the importance of this quality to them and to the company, the results will always be of a high level.

Communicate with your team

Feedbacks may seem too much bureaucracy for your planning, but the results of this small gesture may be so significant as to be worth the effort.

When giving feedback to an employee, it is important that you exemplify what you say, so that it does not seem like a vague idea, it is important to justify your complaints and your praise.

Be open to conversation

Scheduling feedback periodically is important, but you cannot wait until that time to say what needs to be said or to be open to hearing from your employees.

Always be available for conversations, either in person or remotely, via email, messages or calls. This availability will certainly make your staff more comfortable to report questions, problems or complaints to you.

Take care of your time

No one feels comfortable with too tight deadlines, just as it’s not productive for your team to have too much free time. That’s why it’s very important to know how to manage the time of each of your employees and yours.

Be aware of deadlines and schedules, understand how much time each job needs to be done and whether your employees are comfortable with their working hours.

Often be strict with employees’ entry and exit times is necessary, especially when they work on a scale, but if this is not the case be flexible with your employees, so when you need them they will also be with you.

Attention to conflicts

The working environment is conducive to competition, jealousy and intrigue among employees, a good manager knows how to deal with these types of problems by taking action when necessary.

Recognition of a manager’s actions in the face of injustice or conflict is essential, his actions need to be taken firmly, and this act will be seen by all as an example of good conduct.

However, a manager who fails to act in the face of certain events or injustices also runs the risk of being devalued by his team and is very damaging to his image.
The care to be taken by a manager to keep the work environment stable and comfortable for everyone is few, but constant. Every day it is necessary to build a respectful environment where everyone is satisfied and happy to work.

If you want to offer your team the best environment, in a privileged location and with all the necessary infrastructure to work, think about the possibility of taking your company to a coworking. This way you expand your business opportunities and focus on what is necessary for the growth of your company.