Because the coworking experience transforms any career

Have you ever heard of coworking? Coworking is an area where shared offices work, used by professionals from different areas. Coworking is for everyone and works for many types of companies, no matter if these are small businesses, startups, or large companies.

These new working environments are a reality that is growing all over the world and are here to stay.
But it’s not only companies that benefit from the infrastructure and personalized services offered by a Coworking.

Working in a coworking environment can transform your career.

Coworking as a trend. Coworking is a model that is increasingly popular around the world.
In addition to the reduced cost of allocating a place to your office, or to the company you work for, the shared space and routines become collaborative and democratic.

As many professionals and companies meet in one place, where everyone coexists and carries out their projects, you will meet several people and realize a powerful networking and promising environment of constant exchange of information and knowledge that will bring many more experiences and new paths for your career.

The advantages of coworking

This work organization model is advantageous for freelancers, startups, micro, and small companies and is a very economical option. In a shared office, you or your company will have low fixed costs such as water, electricity, telephone, taxes, cleaning, etc..

To install yourself in a shared space, just choose a good monthly plan or for hours worked, take your computer and work normally, the coworking is an organizational model without bureaucracy, being the easiest way to get a business address.

The connection between companies and collaborators creates a flow of professionals and talents, besides a sense of community. The chance that “your office neighbors” will be your next business contacts or even potential customers is great in a coworking environment.

Moreover, you can have access to different professional experiences.

Occupied by professionals from different areas and companies, these spaces have practically no competition or rivalry and are usually very friendly and easy to work with and relate to.  The concept of a shared office can open many doors for you, besides being a stimulating space for new ideas, business, and investments.

When companies use part of their team working and interacting in a shared environment, they can use the fixed or rotating system, allowing collaborators to have experiences with professionals from other companies.

A company that seeks to stand out being updated with what happens in the world and attentive to innovations, certainly gets a positive perception of its investors and suppliers, and invite them to meet and participate in this more creative and open space, can strengthen business relationships.