Does marketing by Instagram really work?

Instagram was created with the intention of users to post their photos sharing with friends their best moments.

With sharing features like hashtags, the ability to follow your favorite artist and increasingly improved tools like stories, Instagram became an essential part of the life of social network users and did not take long to be indispensable for companies.

Today, Instagram goes beyond the boundaries of a simple content marketing space, it is already a complete platform where you can attract customers, engage your brand and make sales directly through the application.

If you are asking yourself “does this platform really work?” here’s the answer: It works! If you know the right way to use it!

Instagram concentrates a large number of influencers in the most diverse segments, whether in the area of makeup, clothing, travel or even education.

One of the great advantages of the platform is the possibility that, with good content and planning, you also become an influencer in your segment and a reference in your field.

To achieve positive results with Instagram it takes more than posting and waiting for your followers to appear, some steps are essential from the elaboration of the posting to the monitoring of your results.

If you want to make the Instagram really work for your company follow the tips below and understand in practice how doing Instagram marketing really works.

Have a business profile

The first step to make your brand grow in Instagram is to leave the personal profile and migrate to a commercial.

With this type of profile you will have access to several advanced features that will help you get to know your audience better and also pass on a more professional image of your business.

Create a marketing strategy

Before you start posting content on your brand’s Instagram, understand your audience well and think about the best way to offer what they seek.

Based on your knowledge of your audience and being clear what your goals are when communicating with them, you may have a better idea of what you will post.

Publish sales-generating content

When creating content you need to please your audience, but don’t forget to do so in order to relate it to your products or services.

When accessing content that relates to your brand the customer is looking to consume some product in its segment, so this is the best time to present the best way to remedy their pain.

When doing so, be careful not to exceed yourself, avoid being insistent and offer your products in a subtle way.

Make sponsored ads

Doing sponsored ads in Instagram is a great way to focus your financial resources with advertising targeted at a selected audience that seeks exactly what you offer.

You can create unique ads or monitor the hottest posts and boost them through sponsored posts.

Know the power of Stories, Igtv and Lives

Some of the features of Instagram allow you to get even closer to your audience, they are the stories, the Igtv and the lives.

With the stories you can communicate frequently and directly with your followers, and you can still ask polls and questions.

As the stories are only online for 24 hours, you don’t have to worry too much about their aesthetics, as they won’t stay permanently as an image of your company.

Igtv is a tool that allows you to record longer videos, as on youtube you create a channel full of content that can address topics with greater depth.

The lives, on the other hand, are instantaneous and allow active communication with your followers, being able to have feedback of the content in the same instant that it is being published.
Use the power of your network

The content generated by your audience can be reused by your company and generate a positive impact for your brand.

By buying one of your products or using one of your services, customers can mark your profile and help you spread your brand and make it even more real in the eyes of consumers.
Keep an eye on what’s on the web

The online world always has a new thing, be it a new meme, a new challenge… being aware of this kind of content and applying it in your posts brings you closer to the public and makes your image nicer.

Stay tuned for schedules

At some times and days of the week the posts of your Instagram can be more viewed and your chances of sales increase.

There are some pre-established dates and times, however the best way for you to take advantage of this strategy is to realize what are the moments of greatest flow in your network and take advantage of them to launch that post that will delight your audience.

Now that you know the advantages of Instagram and know how it helps your company to grow it’s time to put all this knowledge into practice.

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