How to improve the working environment for your team

Strategy and planning are essential factors for a business to move forward, yet none of this works if the manager does not provide employees with a healthy working environment.

Good management consists of establishing some values such as transparency and two-way communication. Based on these principles, the team starts to operate more effectively.

The positive results and the climate at work will be more favorable in a fair environment in which the team feels valued and respected.

The manager’s main function is to deal clearly and objectively with his employees and to know how to treat them with respect and empathy, besides helping them to solve their problems.

If you want some tips on how to become a better manager for your team and, therefore, improve the company’s results, follow the advice below, because they can help you in this mission.

Open yourself up to new ideas

The greatest qualities of a good manager are flexibility and the ability to adapt to the new. It is important to be aware of opportunities and listen to the ideas of your team.

Remember that your employees are dealing with the company’s problems on a daily basis, so it’s very important to listen to what they have to say.

Give up pre-established rules when necessary, they may be wrong, and striving to follow them to the letter may be a difficult mistake to make in the future.

Encourage your team to do their best

Be careful not to set your team unattainable goals. Set some goals that they can achieve and make it clear that within the achievable you expect the best of them.

When your employees see the excellence of their work, and understand the importance of this quality to them and to the company, the results will always be of a high level.

Communicate with your team

Feedbacks may seem too much bureaucracy for your planning, but the results of this small gesture may be so significant as to be worth the effort.

When giving feedback to an employee, it is important that you exemplify what you say, so that it does not seem like a vague idea, it is important to justify your complaints and your praise.

Be open to conversation

Scheduling feedback periodically is important, but you cannot wait until that time to say what needs to be said or to be open to hearing from your employees.

Always be available for conversations, either in person or remotely, via email, messages or calls. This availability will certainly make your staff more comfortable to report questions, problems or complaints to you.

Take care of your time

No one feels comfortable with too tight deadlines, just as it’s not productive for your team to have too much free time. That’s why it’s very important to know how to manage the time of each of your employees and yours.

Be aware of deadlines and schedules, understand how much time each job needs to be done and whether your employees are comfortable with their working hours.

Often be strict with employees’ entry and exit times is necessary, especially when they work on a scale, but if this is not the case be flexible with your employees, so when you need them they will also be with you.

Attention to conflicts

The working environment is conducive to competition, jealousy and intrigue among employees, a good manager knows how to deal with these types of problems by taking action when necessary.

Recognition of a manager’s actions in the face of injustice or conflict is essential, his actions need to be taken firmly, and this act will be seen by all as an example of good conduct.

However, a manager who fails to act in the face of certain events or injustices also runs the risk of being devalued by his team and is very damaging to his image.
The care to be taken by a manager to keep the work environment stable and comfortable for everyone is few, but constant. Every day it is necessary to build a respectful environment where everyone is satisfied and happy to work.

If you want to offer your team the best environment, in a privileged location and with all the necessary infrastructure to work, think about the possibility of taking your company to a coworking. This way you expand your business opportunities and focus on what is necessary for the growth of your company.

The importance of networking to your business

The origin of the term Networking appeared in the world of technology to describe a network of computers that exchange information with each other. When applied in the business world the term Networking refers to people or companies that create a network of contacts to communicate, exchange information and support.

When we think about the advantages of Networking for people or companies we find an effective and low cost marketing method that results in contacts and business partnerships. Networking is a practice that can be a sure way to success.

The professional who knows how to use this method in personal life or for business is the one who learns how to create a network of relationships and lies solid professional contacts.

Establishing connections, whether in person or in the virtual world, can be easy, however the correct networking practice consists in finding contacts that can favor you personally and professionally.

Having a network of connections is essential for a good entrepreneur, after all it opens a range of possibilities for partnerships and closing deals.

Networking is not only about finding contacts that can benefit you, but also about proving interesting for your new contact, be it for a potential supplier, a future partner or employee.

When it comes to networking, quantity is no more important than quality, so be aware of the opportunities that arise along the way that can help you find the contacts you need for your growth.

When you get involved in events in your area such as fairs, lectures, courses and conferences, the chances of finding partnerships are huge, at this time you must give up your timidity and use the communication tools to establish contacts.

This contact can be facilitated within companies, universities and workplaces where various types of entrepreneurs meet, as in a coworking.

Faced with a situation that can favor the construction of a network, show interest in other people’s businesses and also know how to value yourself without appearing arrogant or desperate.

Establishing constructive conversations may be the best way to get closer to your future contacts and establish opportunities for bonds that will be converted into growth.

It is not enough just to establish a contact, maintaining regular communication is essential to strengthen mutual trust and increase your chances in a possible partnership proposal or appointment to a position or business.

Establishing contacts with people in your area is obviously very important, but you cannot give up meeting people from different areas who may be needed for you in the future, or that your business may be important to them.

By cultivating a network of connections, the possibility of increasing it is greater as other people come to trust you and your work, so be sure to take care of your professional and personal relationships.

Another important point to worry about when it comes to networking is making sure that you are offering your contacts as many benefits as you seek to find in them. So establish a relationship of exchange.

Offering relevant and interesting content is also very important to strengthen your relationships, so share content, publish information and keep an active conversation with subjects of interest to your network.

Don’t just expect to receive from others, but always have what to offer. This will keep you in touch with other entrepreneurs and increase your chances of closing deals, establishing partnerships or finding effective employees.

By cultivating these small contacts and maintaining attitudes within ethical and professional principles, you will ensure a network you can always count on.

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The importance of management for small businesses

When we talk about small businesses, many people believe that having a small group of people on their staff doesn’t mean they don’t have to do staff management, but that can be a terrible mistake.

Small businesses are very important because together they add a significant share of the labor market, so taking all the necessary care to do efficient management can improve your business.

However, it is not difficult to point out the causes of the lack of management in small businesses, since management is done by few people, often a single person, and the burden of tasks is extensive.

However, an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to take on a number of responsibilities when deciding to open a business, and being prepared to manage well can be the key to your company’s success.

Management for small teams

Even in a company that has few employees, the management needs to be done in a complete and efficient way, providing welfare to each of the employees and improving the quality of the company.

When an employee works under favorable conditions, the work becomes a satisfactory environment soon, he will perform his activities with more effort, and you will have a team more focused on work.

Management beyond bureaucracy

Taking care of the management of employees has a rather stressful bureaucratic part, however, it is important to be attentive in the management beyond the bureaucracy, i.e. taking care of the working environment.

Those who have a healthy work environment feel safer and more encouraged to perform their duties because they see that they need to deliver to the company the same commitment that the company delivers for them.

Management from the beginning

Personnel management begins even before hiring, this is an important step and must be done with great calm, care, and certainty, after hiring you will have to deal every day with that person, so be sure to bring to your team someone to add.

Seven steps for a successful management

To make efficient management, there are some steps that can make your path easier and to help you we list each one below.


Planning is the key to well-done management if planning you are able to perform tasks beyond the essential and thus make your company a better place for your employees.


Communication is indispensable for a good coexistence between your team, it is essential that you communicate with your employees and also encourage them to communicate with you, so always keep the door open for dialogues.


The monitoring will be your ally to know the profile of each of your employees, monitoring your staff you will be able to identify where are the flaws to be corrected and the qualities to be encouraged.


Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, evaluation is a great way to measure the efficiency of your team and score defects and qualities, so be in the habit of making feedbacks periodically and be open to speak your point of view and listen to the problems of your employees.


As important as pointing out the problems is pointing out the qualities, so recognition should always be present in your feedbacks, so always remember to recognize the successes and praise your team in the face of a collective achievement.


There are several ways to keep your team happy and satisfied, among them offering benefits such as bonuses, flexible schedules, awards, etc. Be aware of this and make sure to offer means of incentive for your employees.


Finally, do not forget that a good employee is one who is constantly learning, nobody is ready to perform the same function year after year without being updated on market practices, so offer and encourage training for your team and for yourself, this way you will have the best professionals working in your team.

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Advantages Of Working In A Coworking

Many professionals need to open an office where they can carry out the activities of their companies, however when they face the costs of rent, accounts for services such as electricity and internet, they end up realizing that the plan becomes unviable, but they still do not know or have not thought about the possibility of working in a coworking.

Know that you do not need to give up your business, nor work at home, carry your dreams forward will be possible in other ways, today there are options for shared spaces, the coworking, where you can find solutions that will boost your business and make it grow at an affordable cost and with many other advantages.

If this possibility has made you curious find out if it is a good option for you, and then know all the advantages of working in a coworking that can leverage your business.

For those who serve the Coworking

The coworkers’ office model can meet the needs of several companies and self-employed professionals. With several options of services possibly one of them will fit your profile.


If you are a freelancer and work at home, where you face several situations that hinder your productivity, such as television, children or even that desire to take a nap, adhere to a shared table plan, or even a private room in a coworking can be the best decision to be made.

Besides a quiet space and with all the necessary infrastructure, working in a coworking you will find more motivation from the moment you are preparing to leave home until the time you leave the office.


Several professions have in the coworking the perfect workspace, architects, accountants, lawyers, advertisers, IT professionals and digital marketing among many others find solutions for their business.

Small businesses

Small companies with few employees can join a coworking, this will be an excellent choice, this way all the skills will be close and it is easier to solve day to day issues.

If you have identified yourself with one of these profiles and want to start working in a coworking as soon as possible, follow the advantages of these spaces below.

Cost reduction

Many people end up giving up starting a business for the high costs of having a business room, they include rent, condominium, bills and installation of electric power, high-speed internet, cleaning, among others.

Without a doubt, the first advantage of working in a coworking is to reduce infrastructure expenses and be able to have a space to dedicate to your work activities spending much less.

There are options that meet all styles and needs, from the full time shared tables to private rooms or virtual office plans, where you can hire only some pain services offered by coworking and only for a few hours.

Possibility of networking

Working in a coworking will provide you with interaction with diverse professionals. This will be very good for your social life, after all, if you currently work at home you should miss meeting other people in your day to day life, but besides that, it can mean many opportunities to do business.

In a coworking environment, you will find people working in different areas and on different projects, this can be very enriching and helps to build working relationships, get future clients, suppliers and maybe even partners for your company.

At coworking you will be surrounded by professionals willing to grow in the world of entrepreneurship, this provides an environment of creativity and interaction that can be very enriching.

Have a business address

If you already have a company in operation you know the importance of having a business address. Working in a coworking this will be one of your advantages. You can count on an address to receive your mail and orders and even professional receptionists who meet your demands.

Choose a coworking that has a location in a privileged address in your city, so you will have facilities around you, and if you need to receive customers and suppliers will have a location of easy access for them to access.

Meeting and presentation space

When you need to receive customers and suppliers, in addition to having an easily accessible address, having a dedicated space for your meetings or presentations is of paramount importance.

In a coworking you will have access to specially designed rooms for both small meetings and spaces for presentations that require more structure.


When it comes to your company having security is essential. Relying on quality services that won’t let you down is another advantage of working in a coworking.

It is also important not to worry about your material goods after all the space has monitoring by cameras and monitoring system that ensure your safety and the administration of this service is on the coworking.

Motivating environment

An environment that motivates you and encourages you to leave home to work is very important. In coworking you will be surrounded by people with the same goals as you: to leverage your business, and this will facilitate your routine.

In addition, the office structure will encourage you to avoid the villains that delay your work and will help you to avoid them.

Having a space for coffee breaks, or a place where you can cool your head is another advantage of working in a coworking, after all, we know how important it is to maintain a balance in your working day, thinking about it know the habits that you need to acquire for a routine without stress.


As you won’t have a fixed schedule to start and end your workday, your routine becomes more flexible in coworking, making it easier for you to reconcile your commitments within and outside the work environment.

With this in mind, it is essential that you know how to organize your work week, determine how many hours you intend to work per day, set your priorities, allocate your tasks during your time and keep in mind that unforeseen events may arise.

Now that you know all the advantages of working in a coworking, share this text with your social networks, remember that moving your network of contacts is also a way to grow your business.